September 29, 2023

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Pedro Scobe ignores a group of sounds in Laís or Vyni

Pedro Scobe ignores a group of sounds in Laís or Vyni

Arthur Agyarbrother “BBB 22″ (TV Globo), benefited from Your angel’s lunch to try to combine voices with Douglas Silva, Paulo Andre and Pedro Scobe, your guests.

“Come over here, who are we going? Gotta go five one way,” Douglas began. “Brother, I’ve been thinking about this…strange…because Lucas should nominate Eli, right? That’s who I’m going to vote for, brother,” said Scobey.

“The bottom line is: it will be a tie. […] We only have five votes at most. The four of us and Gustavo. In the other room, there are four, with Lena, five,” said Arthur.

no. So Nat and Jesse… they just don’t vote together. Nat voted to save Ellie, bro, forget it, she’s not in the other room. Lina. It’s five and five minutes. […] We don’t have the option to vote for any of the three. Whichever of the three we vote for, Lucas is going to cut the tie with anyone from here. That’s why it has to be someone from the other room and it can’t be Eslô. In other words, it has to be Vyni or Laís, it’s the only chance to convince either of them to go. It’s the only way. Arthur Agyar

Scooby then denied combining votes on the options Arthur had indicated:

Brother, since the stakes are so narrow, I’m willing to go to the wall. I will not pay to see. Pedro Scooby

Arthur asked, “Shall we not even try?” “Oh, brother, I won’t try, I won’t vote for someone I don’t want to vote for, to try and break the tie,” the surfer explained.

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“This is the game,” the actor continued. Douglas replied, “But it’s not just about you, you know that, right?” “You did it last week, brother,” Scooby shocked.

“Yeah, damn it, I comment,” Douglas shot the surfer.

Arthur warned, “She will not be able to save you, because there is no way to save you, if there is a counterattack. In fact, it is to save someone else from here and also you choose who you go with.” “I already know who I’m going with, Ellie,” said Scooby.

Arthur finished, “But beside him. So, let’s go, let’s sleep, you don’t want that. Let’s go. I don’t want that, I don’t want that, brother.” “It’s the game, brother,” replied the surfer.

BBB 22: Which brother or sister should Angel Arthur vaccinate?



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