May 22, 2024

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At home, he defeated Zopone / Unimed Pinheiros upon his return to NBB14

At home, he defeated Zopone / Unimed Pinheiros upon his return to NBB14

Victor Lira / Bauru Basket

Larry Taylor leads Bauer Basket on the field, marked by Derek, from Pineros

Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket beat Pinheiros, this Thursday (2), by 73-68, in a match held in Ginásio Cláudio Amantini (pressure cooker), in the city of Bauru, valid for the start of the first phase of 2021 edition / 22 of Novo Basketball Brazil (NBB14).

The match started off balanced, with the capital representative coming in front, but the Dragon quickly got it right and managed to turn it around to close the first quarter well. In the second, at a slower pace, Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket advanced, increasing the difference slightly – 23 to 17 (first quarter) and 15 to 09 (second quarter).

On the way back from the break, Pinheiros tried to recover and stayed ahead, reducing the advantage a bit. But in the last ten minutes, the host team rebalanced its actions and achieved the important positive result – 14 to 20 (third quarter) and 21 to 22 (quarter-finals).

“It was a great match, our team did an excellent preparation in the 10 days without matches. It was possible to work a lot on the physical and technical parts. Full merit from the team and the technical staff, as it was a great defensive match and we showed that we are among the best defenses in the tournament, that is why We achieved another positive result, putting Zuponi/Unimed Baoru Basket in between the first place. Going forward, it’s about working more and preparing better to achieve better results and always give the best on the field,” commented striker Felipe Vizzaro from the Dragon press office.

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Played for Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket: 02. Samuel “Pará” Santos (1 rebounds), 04. Larry Taylor (10 points, 06 rebounds, 03 assists and 02 rebounds), 07. João Guizard, 09. Felipe Visaro (18 points and 02 assists), 12. Lucas Santos, 17. Danilo Bentido (03 points, 04 rebounds and 01 assists), 20. Igor Araujo (1 rebound, 01 assists and 01 rebounds), 25. Gabriel Gay (20) points, 08 rebounds, 03 assists, 02 recoveries and 02 cuts), 28. Enzo Ruiz (05 points, 02 rebounds and 01 assists), 30. Rafael Hutchimer (09 points, 07 rebounds, 03 assists, 01 rebounds) and 33 – Silvio Nicoello Neto

Technical Committee: Vanderlei Mazzuchini Junior (Supervisor), Jorge Guerra (Technician), Hudson Previdelo and Everton Moraes (Technical Assistants), Bruno Camargo (Physical Trainer), Gustavo de Carvalho Lopes, José Bassan (Physical Therapists), Roger Ted Manzano, Carlos Eduardo Moraes Matos (Doctors) and Anderson “Tatá” Guimarães (Operations Director)

With this result, Dragau counts six wins and two defeats, and appears in fourth place in the general classification.

In the next round of NBB14, Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket will host the União Corinthians-RS, on Tuesday (7), at 19:30, and play again in their fields.