October 2, 2023

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Audio technician Vanderley talks about becoming a meme with reggae on the block: 'Happy and shy' |  2022

Audio technician Vanderley talks about becoming a meme with reggae on the block: ‘Happy and shy’ | 2022

Worshipers who attended the inaugural mass of Octavio da party between them 2022 They were surprised by the comic moment last Sunday (17).

“Suddenly, this reggae came up in the middle of mass. It was a relaxing moment for the people who started laughing.

During the homily, regional vicar Gustavo Medela asked the faithful Pay attention to the music That would put Vanderley.

The priest’s intention was to foster a moment of reflection among believers based on the song “Laços” recorded by the artists Nando’s Race And Anna Villa. The song talks about empathy and love for others.

Who cares about someone else’s affection
Take care of someone you don’t even know
Who opens the heart and truly loves
Give yourself simply for the sake of humanity
Put yourself in someone else’s shoes, feel empathy.”
(links –
Nando’s Race)

But instead of her, the coach played “Sensimillia” by Bermudian singer Cole Buds. See excerpt from reggae

Does the nation heal yes I am
(Sensimilia – Collie Buds)

It’s the nation’s cure, yes I am”

Regardless of understanding or not understanding what is being sung, the moment is over with relaxation and celebration Treat the episode with humorKnowing that the error was not intentional.

Vanderley, it wasn’t.said the monk.

Wrong music for the sound technician during the mass celebration at Vista da Pena 2022 – Photo: Reproduction / Gazzetta TV

The technician tried to sum up the moment that I realized the wrong song started playing.

“I was waiting for him to show me ‘mute.’ If he looked at me, at least, or made a sign for me, I’d instantly mute the sound, but it was quiet, in his own way. Nobody understood a thing,” he said.

The technician explained how it was for you Your name appears online.

“It was a novelty, because the people working in the sound system practically don’t show up. This time, it created an atmosphere from which there was no escape,” he said.

monk gustavo Send a playlist via a messaging app To Vanderley, who thought the link only contained the song Nando’s Race.

On the other hand, Gustavo said that I only knew the beat of the wrong songAnd not the message.

“I had never heard the song before, I only knew the rhythm,” he said.

Regional MP Gustavo Medela asked the faithful to pay attention to the music that Vanderley will play – Image: reproduction

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