May 30, 2024

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Camila Queiroz in "Verdades Secretas 2": clarification of the false news created after the end of the actress's contract with Globo |  TV and celebrities

Camila Queiroz in “Verdades Secretas 2”: clarification of the false news created after the end of the actress’s contract with Globo | TV and celebrities

1 – “Camila Queiroz was launched by Globo’

forged. Since the beginning of 2021, Camila Queiroz He has a contract for a certain business with Globo. The last contract for registrationSecret Facts 2”, which ended on November 10. As we explained before, due to strict protocols against Covid-19, it was necessary to extend the recordings. Globo and the actress did not reach an agreement to sign the contractual extension necessary to conclude. Character scenes Angel. Therefore, there was no dismissal – but the termination of the fulfilled contract by the end of the amended term.

2 – “Globo will sue Camila Queiroz”

forged. Globo has not made a decision to sue Camila Queiroz The topic is not even studied.

3 – Camila was uninvited by the hidden friend of ‘Fantastic’

forged. The actress has already recorded the image of the hidden friend of “WonderfulAnd the engagement is preserved.

4 – “Camila was cut from the year-end vignette”

forged. The actress never recorded her participation in the vignette. Therefore, its presence could not be cut off.

5 – Globo portals were ordered to stop publishing news about Camila.

forged. There was neither nor was there any editorial directive on the Globo portals to stop publishing news about the actress. Globo is guided by its editorial principles and never fails to communicate the facts that matter to the public. But it clearly won’t resonate with fake news.

NS Gshow It will, when necessary, continue to follow up on the case, clarify doubts, and reject false news that is raised on the subject.

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