September 30, 2022

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Average Gasoline Price Exceeds $7 for the First Time in Four States

Average Gasoline Price Exceeds $7 for the First Time in Four States

Average price per liter regular gasoline Exceeded R $ 7 for the first time in four states Brazilians, refers to a survey conducted by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANNP). The data refer to the week of October 24-30 and show that Biao It was the most expensive fuel in that period with an average price of R$7,143 per liter.

The other three states over $7 are Rio Grande do Norte, with a liter priced at 7.109 R$, Rio de Janeiro (7.041 R$) and Goiás (7,040 R$). In Amapá alone, the average price of a liter of regular gasoline was just under R$6, reaching R$5,578.

Maximum fuel price exceeded R$7 in 15 of the 27 units in the union. The highest value was found in Rio Grande do Sul, with a liter of R$7,889, followed by Rio de Janeiro (R$7,649) and Minas Gerais (R$7,479).

The other states in which the cost of regular gasoline exceeded $7 were Pernambuco (R$7,439), Acre (R$7.3), Bahia, Rio Grande do Norte, Goiás and Piaui (all R$7,299), Tocantins (R$7,279), And Mato Grosso. (7.23 R$), Barra (7.25 R$), Federal District (7.199 R$), Alagoas (7.198 R$) and Ceara (7.19 R$). The only unit in the federation with a value of less than R$6 was also the Amapá (5,790 R$).

It was the ninth week in a row that the average price of regular gasoline in the country exceeded $6. In the week of October 24-30, the value was R$6,562.

By region, the Midwest has the most expensive average value in Brazil, with a liter selling on average at R$6,786. In second place, the Northeast (6,641 SAR), followed by the South (6,546 SAR), the Southeast (6,546 SAR) and the North (6,443 SAR).

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4.5% job increase
After the recent increase in refineries, the average price Gasoline is up 3.16%. At gas and diesel stations, 4.58% per week between October 24-30, according to a survey by the National Ports Agency.

The average prices rose from R$6,361 to R$6,562 and from R$4,983 to R$5.211 per liter, respectively. The maximum value of gasoline reached R$7,889 in Rio Grande do Sul.

Last Tuesday (26th), Petrobras allowed its refineries to increase by 7.05% for gasoline and 9.15% for diesel. With this adjustment, the increase in the price of gasoline at refineries has led to the accumulation of an increase of 74% and that of diesel 65% this year.

Measures to stem rising fuel prices, which have been behind soaring inflation in the country, are now a top priority for the federal government. Friday (29) The National Fiscal Policy Council (Confaz) announced a 90-day ICMS (Commodity Trading and Services Tax) value freeze on fuel.

According to the federal government, the decision by the group aims to “cooperate while maintaining prices at the values ​​in force from November 1, 2021 until January 31, 2022.”