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Ávine Vinny celebrates with video of James Blunt dancing 'Dog Heart' and says: 'The bill hasn't been paid yet' |  Song

Ávine Vinny celebrates with video of James Blunt dancing ‘Dog Heart’ and says: ‘The bill hasn’t been paid yet’ | Song

“Coração dog” singer Avin Finney told GloboNews he was happy with the video of James Blunt dancing to the song, but the Englishman “hasn’t sent the bank account yet” as he said he would in. the post. Watch Avene’s reaction above and Blunt’s video below.

“Curacao’s Dog,” the most played song in Brazil today, has a chorus to the same tune as “Same Wrong,” a song composed by James Blunt from 2007. O English made a post with a little dance He joked, but did not confirm whether he would claim copyright.

James Blunt wrote in the video caption: “Congratulations guys #1! I’ll be sending you my bank details soon…”

“We see Brazil come out with the song. ‘Curacao dog’ refers to a song by James Blunt, and no, he hasn’t sent his bank account yet. He’s a guy who looks very humble. Very happy (with) the joke he made, very excited,” Ávine told Estúdio i “.

Daniel Dos Versus, one of the song’s six authors, confirmed that g 1Following the release of the video on Tuesday (26), James Blunt has yet to be contacted about the authorship. He acknowledges the possibility of an application, but is of the opinion that there is no plagiarism and Blunt should not be credited.

James Blunt dances and sings “Dog Heart”

Brazilian Foro authors Acknowledge the inspiration, but deny the existence of plagiarism. James Blunt has not responded to previous calls g 1 He asks if he will claim to co-author the song.

NS Chorus with singers who imitate barks It was scored by Furozeros Aven and Matthews Fernandez and is now the most played player in Brazil. But Melody Dogs is recycled and has an ancient breed. They are in the g1 audio podcast and in the text below.

  • In 2007, James Blunt Issued “same error”. In his romantic style, he repeats “oooo” sadly in the chorus. The song became famous in Brazil in the TV series “Dua Karas”.
  • In 2008 the group black pants, who has made several unauthorized copies of successful foreign songs, turned “Same Wrong” into “Já accustom me”. The melody is the same, but with lyrics in Portuguese.
  • In 2021, the “Curacao Dog” team wrote in Fortaleza Six composers: Daniel Dos Versus, Felipe Panda, PJ do Carmo, Riquino da Rima, Brino Lucina and Felipe Love.
  • The verses at the beginning differ from “Same Error”. but the The chorus has the same tune. They took James Blunt’s “oooo” and turned it into the bark of that dog’s heart.
  • The song, in gradient forró arrangement and touches of electronic music, was recorded by forró singers from Ceará Ávine and Matheus Fernandes became No. 1 nationally in October.
  • Authors admit that “uuuuu” was inspired by the music of James Blunt, Which became famous in Foro via Calcinha Preta. But they say that Just a “quote”, not plagiarism.
  • There is no English language credit in the composition. Sony, the music publisher, says the same: It’s not a copy, just a quote, so there’s no credit.
  • Ávine says a contact has been made with the Blunt team, and “everything is settled,” but Sony has not confirmed this. NS g 1 I looked for the English guy, but he didn’t answer.
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Watch the video below and compare the three songs. Then read the story “The Dog’s Heart”:

Compare: Same mistake (James Blunt, 2007), I'm used to it (Palcinha Preta, 2008) and Coração Cachorro (Avine, 2021)

Compare: Same Mistake (James Blunt, 2007), You Used Me (Preta Panties, 2008) and Coração Cachorro (Avine, 2021)

Before picking up to number one on the broadcast charts, “Dog Heart” lost his credibility. “It was harassment. They said, “Do you think the market will consume this?” Daniel says. “They thought it was silly, and today I woke up number one on Spotify,” he celebrates.

Daniel Hortensio Batista, 31, was a marketing assistant at Fortaleza when he started composing in 2016 and became Daniel Dos Versus. He has already written for Wesley Safadão (“Amanheceu”) and Nattan with Xand Avião (“Drags up”).

In March 2021, he arranged a writing meeting with three composer friends from Jujuba Publishing House, a successful factory in Fortaleza – and joined two others and formed a group of six. That night, they performed two songs: “Band-Aid” (not yet released) and another they initially called “Chained Heart”.

The six ‘Coração dog’ composers on the night they composed the song, in March 2021, at Jujuba Publishing, in Fortaleza. From left: Breno Lucena, PG do Carmo, Felipe Love, Daniel dos Versos, Riquinho da Rima and Felipe Panda – Photo: Personal Archive

Then I said, ‘Man, it’s a longing song, it’s a dog’s heart. As if the heart was still in love, a big dog, lying on its feet, afflicted with its ex’. People think it’s a good idea,” says Daniel. But they got stuck in the chorus and needed something different.

‘You can’t come up with a common little phrase. We have to be surprised.’ Then PG do Carmo said, ‘I thought about stopping here, but you wouldn’t want to.’ He barked with the melody of “Same Error” and “I Used That” to his companions.

“It came very well,” Daniel says. “Because the dog’s heart when he sees the person, what does he do? Ooooo. Suffering. We were so attached to the idea.”

Now into a solo career, Ávine is hired by Vybbe, producer of Xand Avião. She stands out in this market, but the first national number to advance her agenda in the Southeast, is the “Coração dog.” But at first, he says, “a lot of people thought the music was weird.”

Avene Fini in Sao Joao de Caruaru, 2019 – Photo: Janaina Pepeu / Cauaru City Hall

“A lot of my team didn’t want me to record it. But I was sure it would work because it’s a song that has good lyrics, is romantic, and has an extraordinary chorus to say the least. That’s the formula for what’s happening today,” says Avene, who invited Matthews Fernandez. to the partnership.

Ranking made a difference. “We wanted to put in more electronic tones. A kind of pisseiro with funk,” he identifies. “We’ve hit the beat and put some TikTok, funk stuff, that’s happening in the market.” The plan was right: Music is now the video app’s dance hero.

And the pup chorus of “Same Wrong”?

From left: James Blunt, author of The Same Wrong (2007); Calcinha Preta, who recorded the release of “Já accustom me” (2008); Ávine who sings the chorus tune in the song ‘Coração Dog’, (2021) – Image: Publicity

“At the time of ‘auuuu’, sure, the inspiration is in James Blunt. But it’s just a quote. The song isn’t a copy. It’s a game of melody, of sound, of a dog barking. It has full context, meaning right up to ‘auuuu’,” says Daniel dos Versos.

“So much so that the melody at the beginning is different. You can’t just put one song on top of another and play it. They collide, they’re not alike. A Calcinha Preta song, yeah, it’s a copy,” he compares.

Daniel Dos Versus, one of the six authors of “The Heart of a Dog” – Image: Propaganda

“But we always find a way around it. Because sometimes we can’t record a DVD or a CD. Right now, we have a problem with that because, on Calcinha Preta’s 25-year DVD, many songs can’t be entered through our Calcinha Preta,” she said. Paulineha abelha.

But Daniel doesn’t think that will be the case with “Dog Heart.” “If we get a chance notice, we’ll definitely fix it in the best possible way so that the song remains in the directory, so everyone wins. But I don’t think anything will happen,” he says.

“If you have to give credit, we’ll do it. We’re fair. If it comes to this point by saying, ‘James Blunt would write, and for that reason, the law says it, the copyright rule says, ‘If all is OK’ Alright, obviously we’ll have another co-creator, so no problem,” says Daniel.

But he stresses that he does not believe that credit exists. “Let’s make it clear that music isn’t plagiarism. We’re back in the days of lawyers. And we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just a quote.”

Ávine has the same argument: “I wasn’t afraid because I already knew it was just a quote. Because the lyrics and melodies of the rest of the chorus have nothing to do with James Blunt’s music. We legally tried to see if it wasn’t possible. Problem, then I was calmer.”

“My record company (Sony) also listened and said there was no problem at all. They have already called them and everything is resolved. Everything is fine, thank God,” says Ávine. NS g 1 Sony Brazil sought, which did not confirm whether there was a conversation with James Blunt or whether there was a “resolution” cited by Ávine. Sony just sent the statement below on behalf of its publisher:

“This song is not a copy, so it does not appear in the credits of another composer. Only one melissa is quoted and one melissa is included, only one chord. This corresponds to 1%, but the other 99% of the entire song is copyright and written by Felipe Banda and Daniel Dos Versus And Felipe Lopez, Brino Lucena, PJ do Carmo and Ricinio da Rima.”

NS g 1 He also sought to acquire Sony Publishing International, which handles the copyrights to James Blunt’s compositions, and manage the English singer, but he no longer has it.

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