May 25, 2024

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Back in Brazil, Pinto was shocked by a devastating scene at Além da Illusion TV News

Back in Brazil, Pinto was shocked by a devastating scene at Além da Illusion TV News

bento Matthew Dias is paralyzed in order to defend himself Lorenzo (Gilherme Pratts) in behind the illusion, but will be surprised by the betrayal of a friend. When he walks again, the boy will decide to undo the farce of his death, go back to Brazil and throw himself into his arms Leticia (Larisa Nunes). However, the girl will be at the altar with Lorenzo on the Globo series at six in the morning.

The merchant had always loved the Master, but he kept that feeling under lock and key. After all, the young woman had no eyes on her friend. Since childhood, her heart belonged to Pinto. At least until she lost her husband in World War II (1939-1945).

To get back on her feet after the tragedy, Leticia asks for comfort with Lorenzo. But the innkeeper knew very well that Pinto was not dead. He was even the one who spread the lie in the working village.

When he was paraplegic, a soldier from the Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB) begged his friend to do so. The young man did not answer Returning to see his wife as a “half man”..

Therefore, Lorenzo saw no problem in getting involved with Leticia. But what he didn’t expect was that his friend You will regain mobility in the legs Almost miraculously. With the help of Silvana (Thela Luz)He’ll be able to stand up for the first time In the scenes that will be broadcast on Friday (24)..

Joao Miguel Jr. / Globo TV

All the best, Pinto will write a letter to his friend saying that he will go back to the country and get his life back. The purpose of the statement is to prepare the family to see him again after the false news of his death.

The problem is that the words will end up in the hands of Giovanna (Roberta Gualda). The Italian, afraid to destroy the happiness of her son, will burn the note. Therefore, even Abilio (Luciano Quirino) would not be warned about the “resurrection” of his son.

As soon as he sets foot in Campos dos Goytacazes, Bento will see a heartbreaking sight. It will be Leticia and Lorenzo About to formalize the union With a lavish wedding – which the writer himself could not get, since the teacher married in an impromptu ceremony. It would be a huge blow to the historian’s heart.

The TV series starring Larissa Manuela will be replaced on August 22 sirtau seaWritten by Mario Teixeira. Check out the summaries of the TV series at 6 o’clock from Globo that the news Posted daily.

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