May 18, 2024

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Surprises sea animals with similarities to the villain Stranger Things

Surprises sea animals with similarities to the villain Stranger Things

Beachgoers at Pinar Beach in Wales were shocked when they came across a strange sea creature in the area. Reason: An eight-tentacled crustacean, known as a gooseneck, looks very similar in appearance to the Mind Flayer, a vicious beast that inhabits the upside-down world series “Weird things” (Netflix).

A young man named Shell Longmore was so impressed with the creature’s appearance that he photographed it and shared the photo on his Facebook profile. Facebook. The boy remarked in an interview with North Wales Live: “I thought I’d seen all sorts of local wildlife until I found this. It was a huge shock! It was a strange looking creature, but also very beautiful.”

Upon publication, Longmore received several comments asking him to sell the animal. This can be explained: geese are a delicacy that is very much appreciated in countries such as Portugal and Spain, the price of which reaches 300 pounds per kilo – the equivalent of about two thousand Brazilian reals.

Success on Netflix since 2016,”Weird thingsIts fourth season is in theaters on the platform flow. The first part of the episodes landed on May 27 in the service’s international catalogue, while the final episodes will be released on July 1.

The gooseneck image was released by Shell Longmore

Photo: Playback / Facebook

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