May 19, 2024

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Ballot box marks tie between Merkel's party and Social Democrats |  Globalism

Ballot box marks tie between Merkel’s party and Social Democrats | Globalism

Opinion polls broadcast by public television networks indicate that the Social Democrats and Conservatives led by Angela Merkel are practically tied in Sunday (26) elections in Germany.

Olaf Schultz’s SPD would have won 26% of the vote, while the Christian Democratic chancellor, led by Armin Laschet, would have won 24%, according to ZDF.

On the other hand, the ARD channel indicated that the two parties would have received 25% of the vote.

However, it should be noted that these results do not include postal voting, which would have been very high.

Find out who are the possible successors to German Chancellor Angela Merkel

The Secretary-General of the Social Democratic Party, Lars Klingbeil, announced that the German Social Democrats are demanding the formation of the next government, while the conservatives admitted “bitter losses” in the legislative elections, according to their Secretary-General.

“We have the mandate to form a government. (List leader) Olaf Schulz will be the chancellor,” Klingbeil estimated, while the SPD credits 26% to 24% to the Christian Democrat chancellor.

Their leader, Armin Laschet, said Angela Merkel’s conservatives also want to form the next government, despite the setback in legislative elections.

German voters went to the polls on Sunday to decide who will succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel after four terms and 16 years in power – more than any other leader in the country’s history.

Depending on the results, the new government could be formed very quickly or after several weeks of negotiations. Polls show that the CDU and SPD parties are very close.

Three main candidates, having led on the ballot at some point with a chance of winning: Olaf Schulz, of the SPD, and Armin Laschet, of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) – are considered the same as Merkel’s party. And Annalena Barbuk from the Green Party.

Green party parliamentarian Manuel Sarrazin swam to a polling station in Hamburg, northern Germany, on Sunday (26) and voted in a red bathing suit, as he promised if €500 was donated to political prisoners in Belarus. – Photography: clone/Instagram Manuel Sarrazin

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