July 25, 2024

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Germans prepare to bid farewell to Prime Minister Angela Merkel after 16 years |  National newspaper

Germans prepare to bid farewell to Prime Minister Angela Merkel after 16 years | National newspaper

In an unexpected election, Germans go to the polls on Sunday (26th) to renew parliament and choose a new prime minister. The vote also marks the end of 16-year-old Angela Merkel’s era in power.

A scientist who studied physics and quantum chemistry made history in politics. in 2005, Angela Merkel Became the first woman to drive Germany. From a strict prime minister to a resilient leader, he has led the country through turbulent times.

In stern words, he helped Germany weather the global financial crisis in 2008 and the euro crisis that began in 2010. He was surprised in 2015 when he opened his doors to nearly a million refugees. And now, in the shadow of the epidemic, it touched the hearts of Germans transparently.

It drove the European economy locomotive towards an economic miracle. Over four consecutive periods, Germany’s GDP per capita has increased twice as much as Germany’s. United kingdom and yes France. Unemployment is near its lowest level in two decades.

But if Merkel’s popularity crosses 80% at the same time, most Germans also think it’s time for a change. At 67 years old, the most powerful woman in the world is about to retire. This Sunday (26), for the first time since 2005, German voters head to the polls without Angela Merkel in the race..

Social Democratic Party, from Olaf SchulzIt appears slightly ahead of Merkel’s CDU. Schultz, from the center left, is the finance minister in the current ruling coalition. He presents himself as a continuity, but is willing to embrace the climate agenda and invest in social justice.

Already a candidate for Merkel, Armin Laschet, from the center-right, is trying to spread distrust of a left-wing government. The prime minister, who has remained low-key for most of the campaign, made sure to show support for him at the last rally.

The election of a successor is required to end the cycle of victory. Reporter Bianca Rother asked the couple if they thought the residents would miss Merkel.

“Yes, she is like the mother of the nation,” Mike stressed.

She has been a very good prime minister, very reactive. “Yes, now we need to find a successor,” Johannes added.

Aguel, a 15-year-old Syrian who fled the war and was welcomed into Merkel’s Germany, still does not vote, but regrets. “I wanted her to stay forever.”