September 25, 2023

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Bathroom Air Freshener Hidden Camera Spy On Women

Bathroom Air Freshener Hidden Camera Spy On Women

A man has been arrested in the city of Goya, in Corrientes, Argentina, after he showed a woman a “tested” product that was supposed to be used to deodorize the air in the bathroom, but which actually contained a hidden camera, through which he was suspected of spying on his client. in the bathroom.

The air freshener spray, according to the alleged seller, contains technology “in development” that would include a motion sensor that would release the air freshener mist. For this reason, the suspect was going to explain to the woman that the examination should be “taken in the bathroom.”

In a WhatsApp chat that was intercepted by local police, the man said the flavor would be “in the testing phase” before it hits the market. Police stated that the device looked risky at first glance, but the man insisted so much with the victim that she got a unit that convinced her.

The victim, suspicious, decided to take a closer look at the “flavor” and ended up discovering a hidden camera.

Photo: Reproduction / Joya Police

“These tests people to tell us how many times (the device) has been activated using the bathroom normally and thus, so we can calibrate it. WhatsApp conversation.

He even explained in detail how the customer should use it. “I give the equipment to you before you tell me you’re going to shower and I’ll take it off when you tell me you’re done. There you tell me how it works and what you think of the smell and functions.”

Although everything was very strange, the young woman until that moment did not suspect anything, according to the investigators. After a lot of pressure, the victim finally agreed to try the “flavor”. However, when using the device, I found a surprise inside the product.

Finishing the bathroom, I noticed something strange in the equipment “in the testing phase”. On closer inspection, he notices that there is a hidden camera inside the device. Frightened, the woman went to the police in the city of Goya and filed a police report.

Local journalist Juan Carlos Velasquez, who learned of the case and interviewed the victim, who did not want to be identified, reported that the camera inside the device would belong to a drone and would work with a rechargeable battery.

After the woman complained, the police went to the man’s home and arrested him in flagrante delicto. Investigators believe there may be other women victims of the “flavor scam” and the case is still under investigation.

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