April 24, 2024

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Universidade de Harvard disponibiliza curso de graça, online e em português

Harvard University offers a free online course in Portuguese

Harvard University’s most popular introductory computer science course, CC50, has been updated and made available free of charge by Fundação Estudar. Lessons are available with translation in Portuguese.

With the updated content and formula, the program also got an extension of its duration, from 10 to 11 weeks. Now, the classes have been made available in the development environment of the Harvard course itself.

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The CC50 is designed for people without prior knowledge, who are looking to learn about computer science. During the course, the student will learn about the basic concepts of the Internet and computing, as well as have access to a community of students with different levels of expertise in the area.

There are 25 hours of video content with case and theory studies, security concepts, algorithms, software engineering, abstraction, and data structures, among others. Classes are taught by the following teachers:

  • David C. Malan, Professor of Computer Science Practice and Member of the Harvard School of Education, creator of the CS50 course;
  • Doug Lloyd, Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Continuing Education at Harvard University;
  • Brian Yu, professor of computer science in the Department of Continuing Education at Harvard University.

How do you participate in a Harvard University course?

Person interested in obtaining CC50 should have access to course page and click “I want to register”. After that, it is necessary to fill out the form with personal data and confirm registration to view the full course.

The name CC50 is a translation of “CS50”, but with an emphasis on the Portuguese-speaking audience. It is worth noting that the course completed ten years last year and received a new high-resolution version.

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