May 25, 2024

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Batman movie director confirms movie character's secret identity [SPOILERS]

Batman movie director confirms movie character’s secret identity [SPOILERS]

at ‘Batman‘Finally we see a strange rebirth The Dark Knight, but we also see the origins of at least three creative enemies of the Masked Crusaders. we had charade at Paul DanoOh penguin at Colin Farrell and the Catwoman at Zoe KravitzEveryone was well represented. However, those who have seen the movie have noted that there is another big villain that appears at the end of the movie.

Spoilers to follow:

At the end of the movie, when the file charade Imprisoned in Arkham Asylum, he befriends an inmate in the dungeon next to him, in a partnership that can only cause Gotham trouble. The mysterious person, who never appears directly and is not named in the credits, leaves a reference to the clowns and concludes the scene sharing a psychotic laugh with Edward Nashton. It can only be one person, right?

Yes the director Matt Reeves Now confirm that the new friend of charade is actually Joker. Speaking to IGN, the director joked that Harlequin of Hate originally had a different entrance in the movie, even though he was determined to put it somewhere because he wanted to explore a version of the movie. Joker what or what “Still not Joker“.

“The interesting thing is that the reason why Joker What’s in the movie is that there was actually another scene before it. And because the movie isn’t an original Batman tale, but rather from his early days, it’s truly an origin story from the Rogues Gallery. And for me, I think that idea is that Joker It’s still not Joker There is, but both villains already have this relationship.”

Remember thatThe Batmanfor the first time in March 03 I will continue to 176 minutes (2 hours 56 minutes)Which makes it the longest running movie for the character.

Until then, it was the longest.”Batman: Hey The Dark Knight surface regeneration‘, at 2 hours and 45 minutes, followed by ‘Batman: Hey The Dark Knight‘ And the ‘Batman vs. Superman‘, both at two hours and 32 minutes.

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In addition to Pattinson in the lead role, the cast has Andy Serkis (Alfred), Zoe Kravitz (Catwoman), Jeffrey Wright (Commissioner Gordon), John Turturro (Carmen Falcone) Peter Skarsgard, Jamie LawsonJill Perez Abraham and brothers the above And the Charlie Carver.

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