June 22, 2024

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BBB 22: Natalia complains about Gustavo's behavior: 'uneducated'

BBB 22: Natalia complains about Gustavo’s behavior: ‘uneducated’

children’s behaviorBBB 22 “(TV Globo) bothers the two sisters. In a conversation with Eliezer and Lina, Natalia realized that Paulo Andre had crossed her without saying hello and complained:

“People are still kind of uneducated,” he said. Gustavo looked at my face and didn’t say good morning.

Later, the trio went out to chat, and the model again mentioned her brother in the glass house. “Just like when he said I was really upset with the whole house. I had a problem with my friends you guys,” he recalls.

We speak and it is natural that our thinking does not infect us. I never hated Ellie. There was a situation unfortunately he was involved in. Saying that I was even angry with him and with the general manager .. because he went to intervene where he was not called! It is lax. Natalia, about Gustavo

On the other hand, Lena disagreed about the incident, with Gustavo complaining about Natalia using water. “He got involved in a class case,” the singer said.

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