May 29, 2024

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Paulo Gustavo's mother, Donna Dea impresses on Crianca Esperanca TV News

Paulo Gustavo’s mother, Donna Dea impresses on Crianca Esperanca TV News

Mrs. Día Lucia, mother of Paulo Gustavo (1978-2021), Crianca Esperança closed with an emotional tribute to the comedian. The mother appeared as the show’s last “cuteness” and sang Cartola’s O Sol Nascerá, after a speech by the artist was performed at the Globo’s year-end concert.

In the displayed speech, the actor said that laughter is an act of resistance. “Paulo Gustavo didn’t give advice. His lifestyle and living were his own message,” Donna Dia said, right after the comedian’s VT finale. She continued alone on stage: “It was hope in itself. Humor was a way of life.”

Paolo’s mother quoted excerpts from the speech and said that he believed the sun would rise the next day. “He did it all with a smile,” she finished, her voice breaking and wiping a tear. Once it was over, the music began, and Yvette Sangalo and Isa followed.

On social networks, netizens were touched by Dia Lucia’s speech and presence and once again expressed their regrets. Paulo Gustavo dies as a result of Covid-19.

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