June 16, 2024

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BBB22: Jade Picon walks away during the care procedure |  BBB22

BBB22: Jade Picon walks away during the care procedure | BBB22

As usual, the participants of the twenty-second season of Big Brother Brazil It was a very turbulent start to the week. With the unprecedented dynamics of forming the Fifth Wall, brothers Paulo Andre, Gustavo Marcingo and Bruna Gonçalves have ended up in the spotlight and vying for audience favor. This Tuesday morning (22), the participants had yet another action to promote one of the BBB’s sponsoring brands, but not everyone took the opportunity to distract themselves.

While bound colleagues enjoyed the moment and the interactions brought about by the show’s production, the digital influencer Jade Bacon She sat in her corner. Right at the start of the dynamic, the sister was excited about food and drink, but then isolated herself and sat on the small stage as the show’s production showcased photos taken during the event. the actor Douglas Silva even joked: “Get out of there, Jade!”. Lais also tried to talk to her sister after a while, but the conversation didn’t come to much.

Since nothing goes unnoticed by Internet users, the digital influencer has become a target of criticism on the web, due to her stance during the dynamism. “It’s amazing how Jade doesn’t react to any sponsorship events…there was work [outro dia]Everyone is dancing and she is sitting A dry goat’s face. Now everyone is interacting [na ação] And she’s far away, she doesn’t even want to share.”blew up the Internet user.

“This jade girl doesn’t have an iota of respect for the brand sponsoring the event for her, everyone interacts in the ads and sits pretty, believe me”Internet user fired. “Jade says she was supposed to play, to show who she is. If it’s this boring girl who doesn’t enjoy anything, who just sits around and doesn’t even take part in events, you better stay home and do the general”another Internet user blew up.

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This is not the first time

Last Thursday (17) production BBB I prepared another measure of advertising for a beer brand. In the post-party mood, the participants still had traces of alcohol in their bodies and weren’t too excited about the dynamics. Despite that, they really enjoyed the smoothies and appetizers offered.

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Surprisingly, the dancer Justin Netto, on the garden screen, inviting the brothers to follow in the footsteps of choreography. Excited, the participants quickly got into the mood and danced with Neto, except for Jade Picon, who refused to dance during the dynamic. According to the sister, she got shocked after getting ridiculed on the internet for doing a little dance on Tiktok, and since then, she no longer dances in public.