September 22, 2023

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BBB22: Sibling test for Covid-19 and TV Globo reveals results; Know the details

Participants from “BBB 22” passed the tests COVID-19 Thursday afternoon (3). After a few days of suspicion on the part of the public, since the departure of Luciano Estefan, The direction of reality decided to study 18 confined. Finally, the Globo TV Test results released.

According to the announcer, all participants tested negative. Globo confirmed that it continues to maintain its strict safety protocols, while closely monitoring the health of the people in custody. According to the company, professionals who have access to the house also undergo frequent testing, in addition to always using safety equipment. Read the full note below:

As we did in last year’s edition, as a precaution, participants in the BBB have been tested negative for the presence of COVID-19. We continue to follow our strict security protocols. All measures and care were taken with the same responsibility that allowed the last two versions of the program to be completed safely and successfully. Everyone’s health is always a priority.

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The two brothers are constantly monitored by the program’s medical team and tested for COVID-19 when necessary. It is also important to remember that all participants in “BBB 22” took their own doses of the vaccine – an obligatory component of participation in the reality show. And that during the pre-booking period, they conducted successive checks and did not enter the house until after the negative result in the presence of the Corona virus.

As part of the protocol, all team specialists, who have access not only to the home, but also to the program premises, are constantly tested and always use safety equipment. In addition, strict hygiene is carried out on all products entering the home, such as food, personal items, party and tasting items, which undergo additional sterilization at the end of each batch. Since the start of the season, we have acted transparently, reporting every coronavirus issue and will continue to do so.”.

Speculation started when Luciano tested positive two days after he was eliminated from the programme. The news caused rumors that he might have been infected while he was still at home. However, at the time, the announcer denied: BBB follows a strict security protocol, as do other Globo programs. Participants are in good condition and are constantly monitored by a medical team available 24 hours a day. From the start, we acted very transparently when there was any issue related to the coronavirus.”

Last Monday (31), the rumors gained more steam with Game of Discord. during the dynamic, Vinnie Fernandez Draw the public’s attention to frequent coughing and complaints of body aches – typical symptoms of Covid. The brother even left the room during the night so as not to disturb the sleep of his fellow prisoners. paying off:

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TV Globo was contacted again, however, they confirmed that Vyni was fine and that he was accompanied by doctors, as well as all the other brothers. “Vyni has been examined, treated and is doing well and being followed up. Once again, we remind you that all participants are under constant monitoring by a medical team available 24 hours a day. From the start, we have acted very transparently when there is any problem related to the coronavirus. We will continue to do so. “said the announcer to Patricia Cogot.

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According to the press, Vyni, Tiago and Bárbara were the brothers who could have been watched. (Images: Reproduction/TV Globo)

On the same day, journalist Alessandro Lo Bianco stated that three siblings would have been infected in the real world. Secondly Sonia Abramshow guest “afternoon to you”And Vyni and two other participants were being watched. He cited this Folha de Sao Paulo Tiago Abravanel e barbaric Names with symptoms will also be.