June 21, 2024

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Does Good Bacon surprise you by cleaning the house?  Friends ensure that they have already expected: 'Ready to learn' |  BBB22

Does Good Bacon surprise you by cleaning the house? Friends ensure that they have already expected: ‘Ready to learn’ | BBB22

Jade Bacon draw attention in BBB 22 When doing different household activities in the most watched house in Brazil. A large part of the audience has never imagined seeing the digital influencer, who lavishes on the charming clicks of more than 20 million followers on social networks, sweeps the house or cleans the bathroom, well “people like us”.

to me # redbebeIn this article, the entrepreneur and his best friend talk about Jade’s experiences with chores – and make sure the reality is quite different from what everyone imagines! According to Nina, an influencer since she was young who had obligations at home, passed on by her mother:

“She has avoided washing the bathroom, but she has always loved washing dishes, loves cooking, and has a real love for the kitchen. Her mother would go to the market and would always ask for ingredients to be brought in to make recipes,” he says.

Jade Picon cleans up the kitchen at BBB 22 – Photo: Globo

About the scene that became a meme, about Jade messing around when making orange juice, she thinks her friend entered the reality show ready to leave her comfort zone: “She probably didn’t come into contact with a manual juicer, I learned at home, just like so many other things. She came wanting to learn, and also learned to sweep,” he says.

“The most important thing is to see the willingness to learn and do everything. It’s already like that here, always ready, and it wouldn’t be any different at home,” emphasizes Nina.

David, her manager, explains that her sister doesn’t like chaos: “Jade is very organized, loves everything planned. She doesn’t have much time here because of work, so she ends up getting professional help, but it’s nature to plan and organize. She can’t live with Generalized chaos,” she says.

A follower challenges BBB 22’s Jade Picon to wash her bathroom

The businessman also reveals that before she entered the house, the influencer tried to do some of these tasks, in challenges presented by her followers, performing activities she would never have done in her daily life: “She was challenged by a follower from Pernambuco to make a rolled cake. There was also a challenge to go To Brass, to wash the bath…”, says David, who modifies:

“She loves gastronomy, she loves to serve, and pleases, and helps, as a form of affection, and one of the ways of showing affection and affection with people.”

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