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BBB22: Slovenia, Paulo Andre and Douglas Silva on the eleventh wall

BBB22: Slovenia, Paulo Andre and Douglas Silva on the eleventh wall

This Friday (01), the eleventh wall of BBB22that put Slovenia, Paulo Andre And the Douglas Silva Like a week wall. Now, one of them has a chance to become the next person to be eliminated from the show. The leader, this time, in addition to a traditional connotation, had to choose between the two monsters and one to be in the hot seat.


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This time, there was no immunity from the angel, because autoimmune angel. for this reason, Jiseilan It won its place in the list of the 9 best games in fact. Then it’s time to Gustavowho debuted as the eleventh leader of BBB22Put one of the brothers on the wall.

The brother was surprised to learn that he must be referring to one of those who had been punished by the beast for the danger of exterminating him. The leader had to choose between Paulo Andre And the Arthur Agyarwhich was selected by Jiseilanwho defeated the angel on Friday (01). Gustavothen decided to put Paulo Andre On the hot seat.

Then, during his traditional nomination, the former inhabitant of the “House of Glass” decided to ask him Slovenia On the wall, with the justification that the sister is the only one who hasn’t experienced the wall because she hasn’t been there before. Next, it was the house’s turn to vote that the last brother would go to the wall.

Check how to vote:

  • Douglas Silva He got votes from Slovenia, Eliezer, Natalia, Lena and Giselan
  • Lina He received votes from Arthur, Paulo Andre, Douglas and Pedro Scobe
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And therefore , Slovenia, Paulo Andre And the Douglas Silva She is on the wall. Voting is now available through Gshow and the brother with the most votes will be Next BBB22 has been eliminated. Want to make your guess? a POPline Create a poll to see who you think will say goodbye to reality. sharing!

a POPline doing a work full coverage For everything that happens at BBB22. Stay tuned so you don’t miss a thing!

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