June 16, 2024

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Bell, Guy Araujo, Larry and Valentina on the Farm;  Poll · TV news

Bell, Guy Araujo, Larry and Valentina on the Farm; Poll · TV news

Arcrebiano de Araújo (Bil), Gui Araujo, Laryssa Bottino and Valentina Francavilla make up the fifth section of the farm 13. The week roceiros were determined at dawn on Wednesday (20). Who would you like to stay on the standard reality show? Vote in the poll at the end of this text.

With little importance in the season, Thiago Picuelo Finally, he was able to play a more important role in the game by starting to form marbles by discovering the powers of the lamp. After winning the Fire Trial, the citizen had to choose between the red and yellow scrolls. Choose the lightest color and give the darkest color MC Gui.

Then, Diane Melo She submitted her nomination as Farmer of the Week and aims to law Project, the greatest resentment in rural competition. a few days ago He had already announced his intention to nominate his opponent for the hot seat.

“He is someone who annoys me a lot in the dynamics of the house, in the tests he is very strong. And also because of a series of things that happened. In the first week, he thought he was the owner of the house; in the second week, he was changing the gameplay. He is a very unstable person in the game, no He opens up, he only opens up to his friends, ”the model explained.

“When I got there [na sede] With that hat, I already knew, was already expected. The war between us is well declared. She also knows, she’s someone I’ll always veto [das provas]. Her game is a game that I don’t like. I think she is arrogant, someone who has always wanted to be the master of reason. He’s someone who never wants to expose himself.”

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After a VIP vote, Adriane Galisteu began voting for the house. Rico He was the most targeted, scoring six votes. Before determining the second roceiro, Galisteu asked MC Bill to reveal the order of red parchment. “The holder of this power must nullify the votes of five pawns,” said funkeiro. Choose disable voices Booty LarissaAnd Dinho AlvesAnd gui aruguAnd Marina Ferrari And Bill – everyone except Larry voted for Rico.

After that, Alagoas got rid of the danger zone. With three votes, Gui Araujo ended up on the farm. NS Ex-boyfriend Anita pulled Valentina Francavilla, Gulf residents, to the hot seat. On the other hand, Larry finished last in the Farm of the Week after staying in the remaining group dynamics and earned a veto against another opponent at Prova do Farmeiro. I objected to Valentina.

With that said, Bil, Gui, and Lary will face each other in the dynamics of A Fazenda 13 headgear, which takes place on Wednesday night, during the live version on Record.

Before ending the program, Thiago was asked to read the strength of the yellow flame. The citizen chose to keep R$10,000, but, for that, he had to take away the right of the other participants to have coffee for 48 hours.

Check out the sounds of the night:

  • MC Gui voted for Rico Melquiades
  • Arcrebiano de Araújo voted for Rico Melquiades
  • Valentina Francavilla voted for Guy Araujo
  • Tate Cuibra Baracu voted for Rico Melquiades
  • Dinho Alves voted for Rico Melquiades
  • Rico Melquiades voted for Guy Araujo
  • Solange Gomez voted for Stefan Matos
  • Marina Ferrari voted for Rico Melquiades
  • Guy Araujo voted for Rico Melquiades
  • Maylady Mihaely voted for Elaine Mineiro
  • Erasmo Viana voted for Marina Ferrari
  • Larissa Botino voted for Ellen Mineiro
  • Ellen Mineiro voted for Guy Araujo
  • Stefane Matos voted for Tiago Piquilo
  • Thiago Picuelo voted for Stefan Matos
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