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Beto Carrero and Playcenter Team Collaborate to Buy Hopi Hari - 10/30/2021 - Market

Beto Carrero and Playcenter Team Collaborate to Buy Hopi Hari – 10/30/2021 – Market

Beto Carrero World Parks and Playcenter have come together to make a proposal to purchase Hopi Hari Park, located in Vinhedo (SP), which Facing judicial reorganization since 2016. Wet’n Wild, Senpar, RTSC and KR Capital are also part of the group that made the proposal.

In a statement, the group said the plan includes repayment of debts of R$250 million in the park and anticipating investments of more than R$150 million to restore the site.

The proposal was submitted last Tuesday (26) and will be analyzed at the upcoming Judicial Reorganization Meeting in Hopi Hari, scheduled for next Wednesday (3). According to the group, the plan has the backing of creditors PrevHab and border.

Hobi Hari had not commented on the proposal until this text was published.

The group claims that the purchase of Hopi Hari “would be just the beginning of a major tourist investment in the region”.

The area of ​​u200bu200bthe cities of Finhedo, Itupiva, Jundiaí and Luvira, about 75 km from the capital of São Paulo, has, in addition to Hopi Hari, such attractions as Witten Wild Park, Quality Resort, Ser Azul Shopping Center. and Outlet Premium. On November 30, the state government plans to inaugurate the Sierra Azul tourist district in the region, with an area of ​​41 square kilometers in cities.

The aim of the tourist area is to attract investments that enhance the entertainment potential of the area. In order to be considered an area, according to the decree approved by the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo in June, it is necessary to have a cultural, historical, environmental and economic interest, a waterfront or the presence of recreational complexes and theme parks.

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The district has a steering committee, which develops a master plan for tourism in the area. Any work or modification made there needs to be approved by the council and must follow the plan’s guidelines, the goal being to develop only attractions that relate to tourist activity. Restaurants are welcome, factories are not.

To help attract investments, the law provides for tax benefits and access to credit.