June 23, 2024

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enquete a fazenda 2021

Bill, Allen or Victor, who should leave?

Dayane won the Farmer’s Test this week, and with that, Gui Araújo, Victor Pecorato and Aline Mineiro were on the farm. They face each other in this week’s popular vote and the lowest-voted show leaves on Thursday (14). Participated in The Farm 2021 poll On DCI and vote for whoever you want to exclude from reality.

2021 farm survey

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Farm Poll 2021 – Who’s on the Farm?

Joy Araujo: The pawn occupied the first seat on the farm because it was nominated by Rico Melquiades. First, the farmer mentioned that he went to the farm last week as Gui pointed out, and later, he did not spare the worker’s criticism. Rico has stated that Gui Araújo is a fake and that he spends his time trying to manipulate competitors.

Aline Mineiro: The most voted among the residents of the headquarters, the former panic took the second seat in the hot seat. She received seven votes, and even without making a living shack, she was very dissatisfied with the nomination of some of her colleagues. For example, Gui Araújo justified the vote for Allen saying that the girl’s proximity to Rico was her only flaw.

Victor Pecoraro: The 42-year-old actor finished third in this week’s 2021 Farm Poll. Aline Mineiro, for being the most voted, pulled a pawn the toilet And put it directly on the hot seat. Despite being visibly depressed from the first crop, Victor said he expected a pawn pick, since Dynho was immune.

Despite initial training, only three Walkers are at risk of disqualification in the 2021 Ranch Survey. Diane escaped the spotlight and took on a more powerful position on the reality show.

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How do you watch Elimination in Farm 2021?

This week’s farm result will be announced by Adriane Galisteu, on air, on Thursday (7). The program will be broadcast at 10:45 PM (Brazilian time) on Record TV. To watch online, simply access PlayPlus – the broadcaster’s live stream – and select the “On Air” tab, which can be accessed from free accounts. Thus, the user can access the same open signal as Record TV.

It is also possible to watch the program with a paid broadcast subscription, which costs 12.90 BRL per month and provides access to the signal from 9 live cameras. With a paid subscription, pedestrian interaction can be followed during breaks in the program.

Follow up on the full coverage of reality and partial coverage of the poll A Farm 2021And not DCI.