June 16, 2024

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Mago Coutinho and Cesar Tralli talk about the changes in Huge's Journal |  today's newspaper

Mago Coutinho and Cesar Tralli talk about the changes in Huge’s Journal | today’s newspaper

On Wednesday (13) the two presenters met in the studio to talk about the changes to Jornal Hoje.

“As announced last Sunday, I will soon be presenting Fantástico alongside Poliana Abritta. Tado Schmidt will be the new presenter of Big Brother Brasil. In the meantime, I will slowly say goodbye here to Journal Hogg.”

Maju first appeared in JH ordered on September 30, 2019.

These were difficult times. Then came the epidemic, social isolation. Journal Huge got more space to show what is more important in Brazil and in the world,” he recalls.

The presenter thanked her for her time as a newspaper announcer: “I am so grateful for your partnership all this time, for having been by your side, day in and day out, to accompany you through the lunch hour, until the early afternoon.”

Soon after, she invited Cesar Tralee to join her in the studio. Tralee is currently working as a presenter for SP1, a local newspaper from São Paulo. In his place, Alan Severiano will head the television newscast.

“It would be a pleasure to be here with such a wonderful audience of JH, from all over Brazil. It will be a tremendous challenge to replace you, with all your charisma and talent. And for my part, I will work with everyone with my dedication and love to honor this one warrior and the United Journal Huge team. And honoring you right there at home Or at work, who are always here. Thank you so much for all your love.”

Tralee also wished Maju success in the new stage: “And I wish you, Magu, all the happiness in the world in the show of life. I’m sure you will be amazed!”

Maju Coutinho and César Tralli in Jornal Hoje’s studio – Photo: Megui Donadoni / G1

Tralee will be JH’s new presenter – Photo: Megui Donadoni/G1

Cesar Tralli, Mago Coutinho and Alain Severiano at JH Studio – Photo: Megui Donadoni/G1

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Thaddeus will present BBB; Magu will take over the Fantastic mission alongside Poliana