May 25, 2024

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Bill annoys Larry by complaining about the smell of the pawn;  Watch video · TV news

Bill annoys Larry by complaining about the smell of the pawn; Watch video · TV news

Atmosphere of love between Arcrebian de Araújo, the Bil, NS Larry Booty in a Farm 2021 Interrupted due to suspension from pawn. This Monday (18) the model complained about the smell of the digital influencer’s hair and asked, “You have to wash it.”

The pedestrian was lying on the bed with Maylady Mihaly, when Bill hugged Larry and kissed the girl’s head. Then he made the comment that pissed off a previous vacation with the ex [cabelo]asked Anita’s ex-boyfriend.

The former BBB confirmed the criticism, and Larry tried to justify himself: “You know what this is? Frying, because I spent an hour with the products on my head. I shower 20 times a day, shampoo 28 times.” “Play more products, then,” Bell and Ally advised gui arugu “She doesn’t have hair anymore, does she?” he explained.

Larry got angry at the comment, and complained On Bell’s behavior: “Do you keep sniffing?” “I went to kiss him, then sniffed my nose,” explained the gym coach, who tried to persuade the girl to hug him again, to calm the nerves.

During the conversation, the trapped also discussed the next formation of the garden. “I’m quiet, just not safe. Quiet is different from insurance, do you hear? If it goes out, you have to take care of yourself,” the facts veteran said.

Watch the video:

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