December 2, 2023

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Bill, is that you?  Gui Araujo distorted Galisteu's speech in A Fazenda 13

Bill, is that you? Gui Araujo distorted Galisteu’s speech in A Fazenda 13

Gui Araujo once again distorted Adriane Galisteu’s speech at A Fazenda 13. After surviving his second visit to the countryside, Thursday night (21/10), the digital influencer shared with his fellow incarcerated a very different line from what the presenter had said when announcing her return to the The game, something very similar to what Bill did in A Fazenda 12.

“Even with the danger of being seen as the owner of the truth, you play. Whether this is courage or a lack of wisdom, time will tell,” Galisto said to Araujo. “She spoke to me like this: ‘Her right. Or reckless? Let’s see if I’m right after this vote again,” commented the former MTV, dramatically changing the lines of the presenter.

Upon hearing Gui’s speech, Tati Quebra Barraco applauded him, realizing that he was actually playing a correct game. But Rico Melquiades laughed and returned to his dismay in the match. “Oh my God. They are people who have returned from the countryside and want to find themselves.”

Last week, Gui Araujo also went to the farm and distorted Galisteu’s speech. The announcer warned him that he had to differentiate between the ultimate and his truth, but when he returned to the seat he told his friends that he had the ultimate truth.

Watch the video revealing Gui Araujo’s paradox on the farm that eliminated Lary Bottino from A Fazenda 13: