June 16, 2024

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Bill interrogates MC Gui for approaching Dayan

Bill interrogates MC Gui for approaching Dayan

MC Gui and Arcrebiano had a long conversation tonight on “farm 13″. I became a farmer last week.

The first said, “Before you took the hat, you weren’t like that with Dai.”BBB.

MC Gui replied, “I was talking to her.”

The singer insisted that he was already close to the model, but Arcripiano insisted that he was not. “I didn’t watch it alone,” Bell said. “It was more of the house.” MC Gui said that whoever has this view is wrong and that the pawn can ask Dayan about it.

I admit I’m really playing around and I don’t care. People will think it is bad or not. But my point is that before you took the hat, I was completely indifferent to it. Archipano

“No, on the contrary, she was the one who approached me. She always made it clear to me that she would wear you, and there is no reason for me to approach her because of the hat,” answered the MC.

Arcrebiano thinks funkeiro may have done this to avoid a possible reference to the model. MC Gui said he wouldn’t do it because he knew it was Riku’s target, for example, but he kept talking and having fun with the comedian.

“The man insulted you, pulled your sheet, made you sad, and wept angrily,” Bell noted.

“But I don’t have a heart of stone. I hate the person, if I take it seriously, I will go out of my way with the person and get fired,” funkeiro argued.

Bell said he was talking about Sweden’s recent formation, When MC Gui canceled out the votes filed in Rico Melquiades, he removed the comedian from the farm. the singer, Who was saying he wanted to meet Riku in a hot seatHe said he did this to escape possible prosecution.

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“That’s what I already assumed, I already said. […] If you want to put me down, if people want to vote for me because of this, that’s fine. Because if I left, I would have really wrongly said it. Moreover, I did not sin, for I did not speak of you, nor did I speak behind your back that you were a big ass with Victor. OK. […] Did I get close to you because of your hat? MC Gui asked, shouldn’t I play with you the same way?

arcipiano, week farmsHe replied that the singer was behaving normally with him. MC Gui stated that the participants’ closeness cannot be judged at home.

The farmer replied: “No, but I can judge a person always declaring war on someone else and after he took the hat, he changed.”

“I left that aside, Bill. So much so that I had to vote for her last week, so,” Bill continued.

“I don’t know, brother. That’s a little weird,” said the former BBB.

MC Gui concluded by saying that it is not stupid to insist on a feud with Dayane, because the Biwa has already returned from some fields, and this kind of adaptation is not a dirty game. Bill agreed and said it was a smart game.