June 23, 2024

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'Bitcoin Pharaoh' Offers His Name Life Insurance As Collateral To Attract Major Investors |  Rio de Janeiro

‘Bitcoin Pharaoh’ Offers His Name Life Insurance As Collateral To Attract Major Investors | Rio de Janeiro

condemnation Federal Public Prosecution, Based on the FBI investigation of “Operation Krypto” against Glaidson Acácio dos Santos He reveals details of how the “Bitcoin Pharaoh” is attracting new investors.

According to the MPF, for the most expressive contracts, and because the invested money becomes inaccessible to the client – who, in most cases, was not fully aware of its whereabouts – the difference from bitcoin gas advisor It was intended to provide as a guarantee of the possibility He took out a life insurance policy in Gladson’s own name – with the investor as the beneficiary.

Thus, if something happens to the “Pharaoh”, the investor will not be left empty-handed. The offer is made for large amounts only. You are Values ​​are not specified in the complaint.

Trying to legalize work

NS Federal Public Prosecution It also notes in the admissible court complaint that in May 2018, Gladson and some of his associates had contacted a legal accounting consulting firm, in an attempt to verify the Legal coordination of the activities they will actually perform.

The idea was to set up a stockbroking company, but the bureau’s response referred to submitting the business to the central bank, which would not have happened at all.

Frustrated in trying to legalize the business, Glaidson decided, according to the MPF, to set up a network of companies to give the business a legal appearance.

Subsequently, this company would convert Tronipay only to promote the sale of its cryptocurrency, Tronipay (TRP).

In 2020, another legal entity, previously established to manage third-party resources, was acquired under the name Quantico Bank. It is registered in the name of third parties, but the MPF claims that Glaidson was the real owner and that the company was financial technology.

All of these companies and firms, according to the MPF, helped “sabotage the constraints that the national financial system would impose on them, given the alleged erratic work of the GAS Group.”

MPF believes that the pre-existing structures of Tronipay and Quantico Bank provide “gradual self-sufficiency.” [à GAS] as a secret financial institution.

Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, owner of GAS Consultoria Bitcoin, arrested on August 25 in “Operation Kryptos”, Federal Police, Federal Public Prosecution and the Internal Revenue Service on suspicion of financial hierarchy and deception of the national financial system.