June 22, 2024

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Boris Cassoy blasts Bolsonaro's impartiality

Boris Cassoy blasts Bolsonaro’s impartiality

Presenter Boris Kasoy criticized Brazil’s neutrality in the war between Russia and Ukrainedefended by the president Jair Bolsonaro (PL), on the grounds that the country has trade relations with both countries in dispute.

During a speech on CNN Brazil’s “Freedom of Opinion,” Cassoy reiterated what Bolsonaro said that Brazil would not take sides, because it was better to maintain “neutrality,” given that “everyone has to lose with the war.”

For the commentator, the Brazilian president’s strategy is a “cowardly stance.” It differs from that previously defended by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the United Nations Security Council (United Nations), last Friday (25), when it adopted a pro-Ukrainian position, advocated a “quick and strong” response against Moscow, because “a line has been crossed and this council cannot remain silent.”

On CNN, Cassoy noted that “President Bolsonaro has put in place a different position than what Brazil has put in the UN Security Council.”

“Look what ambassador [Ronaldo] Costa Velho said [na ocasião]The Security Council must act swiftly, using force, against the territorial integrity of a Member State, a line has been crossed and this Council cannot remain silent. I mean, this is a clear condemnation [da guerra]. Now the president comes and talks about neutrality. Brazil is a huge country and it cannot adopt such neutrality when it invades another country, a unilateral decision to go to war without provocation or reasons… These are reasons for the future [Vladimir] “Putin assumes that this can happen with Ukraine’s integration into NATO,” the commentator said.

According to Boris Cassoy, Jair Bolsonaro “speaks and then thinks” and stressed that although the national CEO fears Russia will punish him if he imposes sanctions on Moscow or maintains a pro-Ukrainian stance, the president needs to remember that trade relations are not One-sided, that is, in the same way that Brazil needs the agricultural inputs that Russia provides, it also needs buyers.

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“Brazil fears that Russia, which is one of our major suppliers of agricultural inputs, and fertilizer, will cut down, somehow cut, and penalize Brazil for a pro-Ukrainian stance. So what? Is this punishment possible? Is it possible? President Bolsonaro that Russia also needs to sell Therefore, Brazil, unfortunately, has adopted a neutral position, which I call a cowardly position, in a very serious conflict, which imposes a rule of conduct in the future, when Brazil will have to strongly condemn Russia for the war it is developing against a very militarily weak state.

Although President Jair Bolsonaro has defended Brazil’s neutral position in the war between Russia and Ukraine, his country, represented by Ambassador Ronaldo Costa Filho, during the United Nations General Assembly, He once again condemned the invasion of the Ukrainian lands by Vladimir Putin’s troops, and at the same time was against sending weapons to the European state, due to the risk of escalation of the conflict..

According to the columnist UOLToday, Jamil Chad, ambassadors, ministers and diplomats from several countries promoted a boycott of the Russian government at the United Nations, when the chancellor of that country, Sergey Lavrov, took the floor to address the United Nations Human Rights Council, But Brazil adopted a different position and did not support the boycott.

Conflicts between Russia and Ukraine Tends to escalate further and Vladimir Putin prepares for a more destructive attack after committing a series mistakes since the beginning of the war.