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Bolsonaro says he has “nothing to talk about” with Ukraine’s president

Published on 02/28/2022 22:00 / Updated on 02/28/2022 22:00

(credit: Anderson Riddell/PR)

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), said during a radio interview pan youth, this Monday (28/2), who has nothing to talk about with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The statement was made after the responsible for Ukraine in Brazil, Anatoly Tkach, to say the Brazilian CEO is “misleading” about the war It suggests that Bolsonaro dialogue with the Ukrainian president.

Tkach informed, during a press conference on Monday, that the presidents of Brazil and Ukraine have not yet talked about the conflict initiated by Russia. I think the President of Brazil has misinformation. Perhaps it would be interesting for him to talk to the Ukrainian president to take another position and get a more objective point of view. We are at this moment very sensitive. “We decide the future of Europe and the world,” said the Ukrainian official, and also emphasized that the situation at the moment is about “supporting democratic values.”

In response, Bolsonaro confirmed that he does not intend to dialogue with Volodymyr. “Some want me to talk to Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, and I currently have nothing to talk to him about. I’m sorry, if it was up to me, we would not have a war in the world,” he asserted.

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Bolsonaro takes a neutral stance on confrontation in Eastern Europe. According to the president, separation from Russia could lead to hunger and misery, “and we do not want to cause more suffering,” so he will not “take sides” and help “search for solutions.”

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“As I understand it, we will not take sides. We will continue to be neutral, and help as much as possible in the search for solutions. I will wait for the report to see how my position goes. This [uma posição mais crítica] Bolsonaro said during a press conference held in Guaruja, on the coast of São Paulo, on Sunday (27/2).

Days before Russian leader Vladimir Putin announced the start of military operations in Ukraine, Bolsonaro paid a visit to Russia and said he was in solidarity with Putin. In addition, the Brazilian president rejected the sanctions that Russia is experiencing.

Among the controversial statements that Bolsonaro has made since the beginning of the conflict is that Defend Putin’s right to occupy separatist regions of Ukraine. The president also stressed that talking about a massacre was an “exaggeration.” “I understand that there is no interest on the part of the Russian leader in committing a massacre. He operates in two regions of southern Ukraine, in a referendum, more than 90% of the population wanted independence, while getting close to Russia and asserting that my decision could seriously harm Brazil.”