July 18, 2024

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Boris Johnson destroyed the UK code with a lock violation, the expert says

Boris Johnson destroyed the UK code with a lock violation, the expert says

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has plunged Britain into a constitutional crisis by violating a law he created to prevent community gatherings during epidemics, which “effectively destroys the country’s ministerial code,” a top British constitutional expert said Sunday.

Peter Hennessy, a historian and member of the upper house of parliament, said he was “a great opponent of dignity in public and political life in modern times” after being fined by police for attending a community meeting on Johnson Downing Street. Many restrictions due to Govt-19.

According to the government’s website, the ministry code sets the standards of conduct that ministers expect and how they are expected to perform their duties.

Johnson was accused by opposition lawmakers of trying to mislead the House last year by claiming that all the rules on Downing Street were followed during the epidemic. He will go to parliament next Tuesday to explain why he was fined by the police.

“I think we’ve in a very serious constitutional crisis involving a prime minister I can remember,” Hennessy told BBC Radio, asking why no one would follow the rules if the country’s own prime minister did not.

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