July 19, 2024

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EXCLUSIVE |  Kaspersky talks about the lawsuit in Germany and the ‘ban’ from the United States

EXCLUSIVE | Kaspersky talks about the lawsuit in Germany and the ‘ban’ from the United States

The Kaspersky Brazil decided to open the game and talk about the controversy surrounding the company in recent weeks. The first was the guidance of the German regulatory body, which recommended companies in the country to remove the company’s security solutions. Second, it was reportedly banned by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which accused the security firm of being “unreliable”.

According to Claudio Martinelli, Kaspersky’s managing director for Latin America, both cases are politically motivated, with no technical basis to justify the statements. In the German caseFor example, there would have been an attempt to retaliate against the Russian government by attacking a company that was only born in that country but had no connection with the Kremlin.

Kaspersky wants BSI charges to be dropped (Image: Reproduction / BSI)

The director explains that there is a demand for an explanation that was immediately rejected by the BSI (German Information Security Agency), which forced the German Court of Appeal to take legal action. “We want to make up for all the damage caused by these kinds of political and unsubstantiated decisions. Today, we expect a formal expression of withdrawal in the legal and corporate sectors,” he stressed.

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According to Martinelli, after revealing the truth, the BSI changed its position to soften the comment. The company would have pointed out that this was a fictional situation and not real, but by that time the damage to the film had already been done.

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Asked if the company had taken any action, Martinelli said it was not necessary because all procedures were already adequate, audited and compliant with all current laws. “Kaspersky is a private company with no share, operational or financial interest from any government in the world,” he explains.

Information targeting Russians?

One issue that attracted much attention during the BSI crisis was the targeting of information for Russian domains, in particular mil.ru, Annexed to the Kremlin army. Martinelli explained that this was a manipulation of facts because different things were mixed together to spread misinformation.

The service, which is said to be affiliated with the Russian military, is called “anti-DTOS traffic filtration” and aims to prevent denial attacks. This is an action that all major security companies make to protect their customers. “What we are doing is preventing DDoS attackers from reaching strategic addresses. This is a legitimate service to the Russian Armed Forces,” he explains.

The administrator points out that because it was airy at the time, it had nothing to do with information traffic. Guaranteed for strange addresses to which personal information is sent or received – including that anti-DDoS is not even marketed in Latin America. “Without any data storage in Russia, all data processing is done on our servers in Zurich,” he points out.

Company data show that 82% of data traffic for digital threats, vaccines and other sensitive information is done in Switzerland. Martinelli believes the rumors were used by cybercriminals to deceive people and attack machines.

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The company provides additional information about personal data processing a Transparency Statement. The latest version was released in September 2021 and shows what kind of information is being collected from the machines and the two main requirements for LGPD (Brazil) and GDPR (Europe).

Kaspersky’s neutrality

Kaspersky has been accused of being one of the few major Western companies that did not impose sanctions on Russia too strongly. The Apple Stopped trading on devices Google Reduce channel monetization Web light And pro-war ads, social networking sites (Facebook / Instagram, Twitter And TikTok) Labels inserted to warn about handled content.

The company’s founder, Eugene Kaspersky, is of Russian descent and has some ties to the country’s government. He Denied everything in the open letter And criticized the war.

Claudio Martinelli followed the same path and said that there was no alliance on the part of the company at any time. “There is no security tool in the world that can identify more threats than Kaspersky, including those targeting Ukrainian organizations,” the director explained.

Claudio Martinelli commented on recent events involving Kaspersky (Image: Revelation / Kaspersky)

Banned from the US?

The second case mentioned is the decision of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Exclude Russian products from the trust list. As in the previous scenario, Kaspersky’s Brazil’s executive director says there is no impediment and that the US system is politically active.

The commission said that public organizations that receive funding from the top company cannot buy Kaspersky products because it poses an “unacceptable risk to the national security of the United States.” That way, if an American school wants to install a branded antivirus, it must do so at its own expense without government subsidy.

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According to the managing director, this is the agency’s exclusive decision, but it has nothing to do with the quality of the products. “It’s frustrating for us, but it’s nothing new. We will no longer sell to anyone who receives money from the FCC,” he pointed out.

On the other hand, private companies and citizens are free to use company solutions if they wish. With millions of dollars being traded annually, operations in the country will remain stable.