June 16, 2024

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Brazil records 793 deaths due to Covid in 24 hours; Moving average stops falling after 22 days | Corona Virus

Brazil scored this Wednesday (15) 793 deaths from Covid-19 in the past 24 hours, with the total number of deaths 588,640 since the beginning of the epidemic. With this, the moving average of deaths in the past seven days was at 597. Compared to the average 14 days ago, the difference was -5% Indicates the direction of More. This happens 22 days in a row with a decrease in this comparison.

The increase in the daily death rate, which is back to nearly 600, is a reflection of the extension of leave at the start of the month. The current moving average assumes 7 days right after the September 7 holiday. As has been the case since the start of the pandemic, the days after the long weekends bring in higher numbers of cases and deaths that were capped during the holiday — resulting in that spike on average.

The figures from the new poll of the Media Consortium on the state of the coronavirus pandemic in Brazil, consolidated at 20:00 on Wednesday. The balance is based on data from state health departments.

Evolution of the moving average of deaths from COVID-19 in Brazil in the last 14 days. Percentage variance takes into account comparison of numbers at both ends of the period – Photo: Editoria de Arte/G1

Watch last week’s moving average sequence:

On July 31, Brazil again recorded a moving average of deaths below 1,000, after a period of 191 consecutive days with higher values. From March 17 to May 10, there were 55 days in a row with this moving average above 2000. At the worst moment of this period, the average reached 3125, on April 12.

Six states show an upward trend in deaths: Royal Jordanian, AP, RO, RN, RR and PI.

Acre, Rio Grande do Norte and Sergipe They did not record deaths in the last day’s bulletins.

nation car Correction of the total number of deaths recorded in the epidemic, which decreased from 24,144 to 24,138. According to the State Secretariat, the correction was made after an analysis of the underlying cause of death.

In confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic 210,32,268 Brazilians have been infected or infected with the new coronavirus, With 14,532 of those confirmed on the last day. The moving average was in the last 7 days 15,196 diagnoses per day, resulting in a different form of -32% With regard to cases registered on average two weeks ago, which indicates stayed.

At its worst, the moving average curve reached 77,295 new daily cases, on June 23 of this year.

  • In height (6 cases): RO, AP, PI, RR, RN, RJ
  • In stability (9 cases): SC, PR, PE, AC, RS, GO, MG, MT, SP
  • Falls (11 states and DF): AL, CE, PA, DF, PB, TO, ES, AM, MS, BA, MA, SE

This comparison takes into account the average deaths in the past seven days until this balance was published relative to the average recorded two weeks ago (Understand the criteria it uses st 1 To analyze epidemic trends).

It is noteworthy that there are cases in which a decrease in the average number of deaths can lead to significant differences in percentage. Moving average data is generally in decimal numbers and is rounded to make the data easier to display.

More than 76.7 million people have completed the second or single dose vaccination schedule and are fully immunized against COVID-19 in Brazil. You are Figures also collected by the Association of Press Vehicles, it was found that 76760153 Brazilians were vaccinated, which corresponds to 35.98% of the population.

Those who received only the first dose of vaccines and were partially immunized are 139,887,121, which corresponds to 65.58% of the population. The booster dose was given to 19,972 people (0.09% of the population).

By adding the first, second, single and booster doses, there are 216,844,246 doses applied since the start of vaccination.

Look at the situation in the countries

Countries experiencing stability – Photo: Editoria de Arte / G1

Countries with falling deaths – Photo: Editoria de Arte / G1

  • EN: -31%
  • mg: -4%
  • Royal Jordanian: +19%
  • SP: -12%
  • DF: -22%
  • go: -3%
  • MS: -35%
  • MT: -10%
  • AC: 0%
  • AM: -35%
  • AP: +80%
  • PA: -21%
  • RO: +80%
  • RR: +41%
  • To: -28%
  • AL: -17%
  • Bachelor’s: -43%
  • CE: -19%
  • MA: -51%
  • PB: -26%
  • PE: +1%
  • PI: +50%
  • Rn: +36%
  • SE: -90%

Federation of Press Vehicles

Data on coronavirus cases and deaths in Brazil were obtained after an unprecedented partnership between st 1and O Globo, Extra, O Estado de S.Paulo, Folha de S.Paulo and UOL, who have worked collaboratively since June 8 to collect necessary information in 26 states and the Federal District (know more).

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Brazil’s Covid numbers – Photo: Editoria de Arte / G1