May 20, 2024

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Caixa issued a loan to a new group today

Caixa issued a loan to a new group today

at the end of September, Caixa launched its new credit line via can You have. the program attributed to him cash available lend Between 300 and 1000 Brazilian Real. To serve more than 100 million users, Caixa is releasing an update lend According to the users birthday month. This Monday (29), the bank issued the loan to a new group of beneficiaries. Check it out below.

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New Caixa loan released to non-customers

About the loan from Caixa Tem

The user can request a loan of between 300 and 1000 BRL. In addition, the Caixa Tem loan rate will be 3.99% per month. According to the monetary and credit statistics report of the Central Bank, the average rate of the banking system is 1.45% per month. The interest rate on general personal credit is 2.42% per month.

The Caixa Team loan program targets low-income residents. However, it has been heavily criticized by economists, as it is at high risk of indebtedness for the most vulnerable families.

The new Caixa Team loan line comes at a time when emergency aid is ending. Moreover, the government has not yet found a solution to support Auxílio Brasil, the new social program that should include the part of Brazilians who would be without emergency assistance.

Calendar update

New users of the Caixa Tem platform who wish to apply for a loan must follow other dates. The calendar for this group of people varies, but also advances according to the month of birth. On Monday (29), customers of digital banks, born in July and August, receive an authorization to apply for the loan.

  • January, February, March, April, May and June: 8/11;
  • July-August: 29/11;
  • September-October: 12/13;
  • November-December: 27/12.
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Therefore, the update, and thus the loan via Caixa Tem, is available to non-customers born in January, February, March, April, May, June, today (29), July and August.

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Photo: CRIS GENTLEMAN / shutterstock