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Caixa pays the sixth installment to more beneficiaries;  know who receives

Caixa pays the sixth installment to more beneficiaries; know who receives

On Friday 24/09 Caixa will deposit another batch of payments indicating Sixth batch of emergency aid. The Bank will transfer the corresponding amount to Bolsa Família applicants who have It ended up with 6 shekels. For the general public, payment will also be made to those who Born in April. As before, program packages contain variable values.

It all depends on family composition of the beneficiaries. This means that home-based mothers receive a maximum share of R$375, while single mothers are entitled to R$150 per month. Other beneficiaries, who have more than one member of the family group, are entitled to an average of R$250.

In case of doubts or problems with emergency assistance, call the Caixa phone center at 111 (the service usually operates from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM). There is also an option to perform queries and answer questions in Caixa موقع site and yes DataPrive.

Calendar of the sixth batch of Bolsa Familia

The emergency aid calendar, taking into account only Bolsa Família beneficiaries, follows traditional program dates. This means that deposits are made Always in the last 10 business days of each month, taking into account the social identification number of the beneficiaries. Thus, those who received the last 6 shekels receive the sixth payment on Friday, the 24th.

Check out the full calendar of Bolsa Família subscribers:

Final number shekels Payment dates
shekel 1 September 17, 2021
2 shekels September 20 2021
3 shekels September 21, 2021
4 shekels September 22, 2021
5 shekels September 23, 2021
6 shekels September 24, 2021
7 shekels September 27, 2021
8 shekels September 28, 2021
9 shekels September 29, 2021
0 shekels September 30, 2021
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The sixth batch of emergency aid for others

On Friday (24/09), the sixth installment will also be paid to beneficiaries who were born in April and are not part of the Bolsa Família. Associated with CadÚnico and enrolled in emergency aid since last year, thus receiving the sixth payment Within the following deadlines:

birth month Deposit date Withdrawal date
Janeiro 09/21 10/04
February 09/22 05/10
March 09/23 05/10
April 09/24 10/06
may be 9/25 10/08
June 09/26 11/10
July 09/28 10/13
August 09/29 10/14
September 09/30 10/16
October 01/10 10/18
November 10/02 10/19
Dec 10/03 10/19