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Caixa Tem Virtual Card: Understand How It Works

Caixa Tem Virtual Card: Understand How It Works

With the increase in fraud and credit card data cloning credit On the Internet, most Banks I created an alternative to the problem: the virtual card, which was developed to facilitate online purchases and ensure more security in your everyday life. However, it also serves other purposes, such as using the app. can There, for example. In this case, the virtual Caixa Tem card allows you to use the feature without having to withdraw funds. So, to learn more and learn how the Caixa Tem virtual card works, read on.

Caixa Tem Virtual Card: Understand How It Works

Thus, with the Caixa Tem Virtual Card, you have a very simple way to make purchases, without having to leave home or make withdrawals. And you even avoid the chance of cloning your card. In short, we can say that a virtual credit card is a mirror of your physical card. However, their numbering is changed and they have a much shorter expiration date.

Thus, each purchase must generate a different security code via the app. For purchases with recurring payments, such as subscriptions, there is no need to create a different code for each payment. And in the case of Caixa Tem, the biggest benefit is the ability to use the money without having to go to an ATM. Or leave home to make a drawing at lottery outlets. Simply create a virtual Caixa Tem Card and shop online from it.

Finally, it is worth noting that the virtual card is only for online purchases. You can also order the Caixa Tem Virtual Card more than once, due to its limited validity. For customers who have done the registration update and account update, simply access the Caixa Tem app (Android NS iOS), click on the Card Box Tem icon and follow the instructions.

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