March 29, 2023

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Gui Araujo is eliminated and Marina Ferrari cries

Gui Araujo is eliminated and Marina Ferrari cries

Collaboration with Splash in Sao Paulo

26/11/2021 00h44update in 26/11/2021 01h03

Despite voting for Gui Araujo in the tenth farm formation from “farm 13″ (RecordTV), which turned out to be fatal to the influencer, who was eliminated tonight with 18.32% of the voteMarina Ferrari broke down in tears after seeing that the now former pawn had left reality villager.

After returning from Arcrebian NS Diane MeloThe businesswoman, who faced a hot seat with Gui, cried, regretting the elimination of Your previous relationship at home, dearest Aline Mineiro.

Marina even explained her reaction to the previous panic. “I didn’t want it,” she said of the departure of the former pawn. Solange Gomez laughed when she saw the scene and consoled the girl as well. “In two weeks we will all be together again,” he said.

“A Fazenda 13”: pedestrians who have been eliminated or left the reality of the countryside