May 24, 2024

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Can I be tracked by my cell phone's bluetooth?

Can I be tracked by my cell phone’s bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a gadget that seems to work magic, right? After all, transferring files or listening to music without using cables seems hard to fathom. who – which ResourcesAccording to researchers at the University of California, it also allows other people to track our cell phones. Curious to know if Can it be tracked by cell phone bluetooth? look now.

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What do scholars say on this subject?

According to the researchers, the Bluetooth connection, due to an error, bears a unique fingerprint. This is because all chips, during the manufacturing process, developed a small defect, which makes each one unique. Thus, it is possible to recognize them by this sign, even if they are produced on a large scale.

Fortunately, it’s not as though device owners can be tracked all the time, at least not from a distance. Therefore, it is necessary to be close to the target, which makes the “tracking” type meaningless, right? However, this range may depend on the type of chip, hardware, and Bluetooth connectivity of each of the devices used.

In addition, a certain level of technology expertise is required, as it is not an easy process to do. The researchers themselves explain that while it is not an expensive task, it is something that depends more on luck than the attacker’s technological know-how.

How do you track bluetooth?

If you are still curious and want to take this test, know that the task can be quite complicated. For the process to take place, it is necessary to isolate the signal from the target device, which will allow you to find this fingerprint. Then the receiver has to be somewhere where cell phone use tends to be. If it is combined with a friend, then it will be simpler, but it is almost impossible to do this work with a random person.

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In fact, the more a bluetooth device transmits, the more likely an attacker will pick up the transmission when the user or target passes by.