May 22, 2024

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NASA's Perseverance Robot Discovers 'Something Unexpected' on Mars |  Sciences

NASA’s Perseverance Robot Discovers ‘Something Unexpected’ on Mars | Sciences

NASA, the US space agency, announced this week that its robot perseverance have found Something unusual on Mars (See image above).

It’s a piece of aluminum foil that agency scientists believe was part of a thermal blanket used to protect the robot. Before landing on the red planet.

The unusual thing about this, according to NASA, is the fact that the material has been found About 2 km from the Perseverance landing site.

“It’s a surprise to find this here,” says the bot’s official social media account.

“That piece landed here afterwards [do impacto]Or was it carried away by the wind? ‘ asks NASA.

Mars has a thin atmosphere consisting mostly of carbon dioxide, argon, nitrogen and a small amount of oxygen. According to NASA, the winds in powerful dust storms on the planet can cause gusts of more than 90 km / h.

Perseverance robot landing on Mars. Image: clone/NASA

The robot landed in February 2022, at Jezero Crater, an area of ​​the planet that was once a lake for billions of years.

Perseverance is on the planet as part of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program.

In addition, the mission also aims to help understand the geology of Mars, which is key to preparing for a possible manned flight to the planet.

Since the arrival of Perseverance on the Red Planet, NASA’s robot has already taken several intriguing photos. See more here.