September 22, 2023

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Canadian police arrest more than 100 protesters in Ottawa |  World

Canadian police arrest more than 100 protesters in Ottawa | World

police Canada On Friday (18) more than 100 protesters were arrested during an operation aimed at ending a prolonged protest against anti-Covid-19 health measures in Ottawa, the city’s police chief reported.

Police Chief Steve Bell said at a news conference that the protesters were “accused of multiple crimes, including vandalism.” Bell added that the process was going “as planned” but would take “some time”.

“The situation is under control and we are continuing to move forward to clear our streets,” he added, stressing that there were no casualties.

Hundreds of police rallied in front of protesters who refused to clear the streets of downtown Ottawa, despite numerous warnings and a declaration of a state of emergency against the movement.

During last Sunday, the police Canada He said he had arrested part of the truck drivers who were blocking an important trade route on the US border.

A protester places flags on trucks during a demonstration in Ottawa, Canada, to lift Covid restrictions in a photo on February 7, 2022 (Photo: Justin Tang/The Canadian Press via AP

On Saturday (12), Canadian police began the process of turning away truck drivers blocking the border with the United States in an anti-vaccination demonstration.

The bridge connecting the two countries was closed for at least ten days, and police action began more than 12 hours after a court ordered an end to the blockade.

The Ambassador Bridge is the busiest land crossing in North America. About 15 trucks, cars and vans blocked traffic in both directions.

“We urge all protesters to act lawfully and peacefully,” Windsor Police said in a tweet.

Photo montage with Justin Trudeau and his truck driver at the protest – Photo: Patrick Doyle and Lars Hagberg/Reuters

Prime Minister CanadaLast Monday, Justin Trudeau (14 years old) launched an emergency law to deal with protests by truck drivers in the country.

The mechanism, called the “Emergency Law”, had not been used before in the country’s history. The law gives the federal government more powers to deal with anti-vaccine protesters.

The prime minister denied any intention to use the law to move the army against the protesters and said it would be temporary and “geographically limited”.