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Cancer warning signs

Published on 12/21/2021 8:47 PM

According to a specialist, it is essential to get tests, investigate minor health issues and adopt a healthier lifestyle – (Credit: Lucas Pacific/CB/DA Press)

A music producer, a resident of Santa Maria, started having a headache, which went away for a few hours after using painkillers, but then came back. A 56-year-old woman, resident of Gwara 2, with autism, was applying ice to her left chest due to slightly painful redness. These are recent real cases that are subject to treatment after the presence of Tumors.

“It is essential to know yourself, to be aware and attentive, and to monitor your body to notice the messages it is sending. Pay attention to the details and note if there are any persistent symptoms, such as a persistent headache, that spot on the body that is increasing, a persistent fever or even a lack of Persistent appetite without reason,” explains oncologist Melina Couto, of Brasilia Cancer Center (Citro). “All of these signs may seem small, but prevention and early diagnosis are always the best option,” he adds.

Sometimes, early symptoms of cancer can overlap with symptoms of more common diseases or injuries. Young adults may be prostrate, sick, or have swelling or sores that can mask early signs of cancer.

However, in some cases, the specialist assures that you can not wait for the appearance of symptoms, such as tumors of the breast and prostate. “These are examples of screening programs that are able to detect disease in its early stages with very high cure rates,” he warns.

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Also, according to the doctor, it is necessary to take tests, investigate small health issues and adopt a healthier lifestyle. “Combine your self-care with medical follow-up. You are the most responsible for your health,” he suggests.

Important signs

Many symptoms are caused by diseases other than cancer itself. However, if you have any of these signs, especially if they do not go away and start to get worse, talk to a doctor so that the cause can be diagnosed and, if necessary, treatment started.

Abnormal swelling of the neck, breast, abdomen, testicle, or anywhere else in the body.
Unexplained tiredness and loss of energy.
– Frequent bruising
Abnormal bleeding
Constant pain
Fever or nonspecific symptoms that do not improve
Frequent headache, often with vomiting
Vision changes or sudden changes in behaviour
Loss of appetite or unplanned weight loss
New spots or spots appear on the skin that change in size, shape or color
Depending on the type of cancer, other symptoms are also possible.