May 25, 2024

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ConnectSUS goes without Covid vaccinations after 12 days |  the health

ConnectSUS goes without Covid vaccinations after 12 days | the health

On Monday (20) Health Minister Marcelo Quiroga said that ConnectSUS should be back until Wednesday (22). But, it is required of g 1, the Ministry of Health He did not say when the system will be reset.

The problem also affected the disease case reporting system. e-SUS Notifica, which collects information on cases and deaths due to Covid-19, was out of reach for 11 days, but was back on the air on Tuesday afternoon (21), according to Ministry of Health.

System data shortage has been created Difficulties for countries Gather information about the disease during this period.

“the Ministry of Health To notify you that the E-SUS Notifica registration system has been re-established. The file reiterates that it is working with agility to restore all affected platforms as soon as possible,” the ministry said, in a note to g1.

Remember how the attack went:

ConnectSUS app was hacked and failed to show vaccination data

Vaccination data was lost on the day of the attack, the ministry reported, But it was restored on December 12th.

According to the Ministry, the following systems have been achieved:

  • e-SUS (Covid Situation Notification System) notification
  • Information System for the National Immunization Program (SI-PNI) – containing information on vaccination coverage and vaccination against other diseases in the country
  • ConnectSUS
  • Features such as issuance of the National Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate and the National Digital Vaccination Card, which are not currently available.
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