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Cantor Morelio's condition is stable and examination confirms brain swelling, says doctor |  Goiás

Cantor Morelio’s condition is stable and examination confirms brain swelling, says doctor | Goiás

The result of a cranial MRI confirmed that the singer Morel She has swelling in her brain, Doctor Endorvan Azevedo reported on Wednesday night (22). He also said that the artist has a stable clinical condition, but is still under tube in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Guyanesethe. The citizen, who is paired with Louisa, has had three cardiac arrests and was diagnosed with pulmonary thromboembolism. He was in the hospital for seven days.

The singer has returned to kidney function in the last 24 hours. According to the doctor, he is still undergoing dialysis, but the return of kidney function is a development in his health.

Singer Morelio is in critical condition after cardiac arrest

The wife of singer Luana Ramos said, via a social networking site, that she did not visit her husband on Tuesday (21) after feeling low. However, he was touched by the good news that had been received. In a post, she said that she is still confident in the musician’s recovery, but the body is not feeling well.

“Today I felt physically weak, I just wanted to sleep and be calm. And so I did, and I think it will get better. I did not visit you, because I did not want to transfer this energy to you,” he wrote.

the The singer is in the hospital Since the early hours of last Wednesday (15), after falling ill while recording on DVD in the capital. On the day, arrived Fall on stage He was assisted by producer and partner Luisa.

The medical team said he had kidney damage and was undergoing dialysis. His anesthesia was withdrawn on Friday (17). On Saturday (18), the hospital reported that he was continuing to improve his clinical condition and that he would begin tube feeding. the next day, Morel He started breathing spontaneously.

As the wife of the artist, Luana Ramos, said, Sunday (19), that she spoke to her husband in the intensive care unit and that he cried. (see video below).

His wife said, “I went to visit today and started talking, like we do every day and he started crying.”

Luiza and Maurílio at a show in Imperatriz, Maranhão – Goiás – Photo: Reproduction / Luiza e Maurílio

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Video: The latest news on Morelio