July 20, 2024

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“Bolsonaro needs to be arrested,” said Wagner Moura, who is back in Brazil for the shooting of Marighella.

“Bolsonaro needs to be arrested,” said Wagner Moura, who is back in Brazil for the shooting of Marighella.

said actor Wagner Mora, 45, who lives in Los Angeles (US) but is back in Brazil to shoot “Marigella,” his first film as a director.

247 Actor Wagner Moura, 45, lives in Los Angeles (USA), but returned to Brazil last Wednesday (20) in order to shoot “Marigella”, his first film as a director. In addition to commenting on the film, the artist criticized the behavior of the pandemic by the government of Jair Bolsonaro. The interview was awarded to O Globo . newspaper.

“It was a tragedy, especially because the vast majority of the 600,000 deaths in Brazil could have been avoided, like Paulo Gustavo’s. We weren’t very friendly, but he was a man I talked to. When he had the kids, we talked to each other, exchanged ideas about fatherhood. …This is very painful. The president is walking around without a mask, without setting an example. Bolsonaro needs to respond to these deaths. He must be arrested.”

Commenting on the film, the artist denied accusations that he had to “dodge Rowan’s law.” Two hours and 40 minutes of work and tension, chronicling the last years of the life of Bahia poet Carlos Marigella (1911-1969), a communist fighter played by Seo Jorge.

“If it had come out in 2019, it would have been one movie. In 2020, another movie. Today, I hope ‘Marigella’ faces less opposition. Because it’s clear to everyone now that this government is a tragedy. There are those 25% that have even lasted. September 7th (supporting the president), but the majority already realized that it is not a question of right or left, it is a question of civilization against barbarism. With actors … the artist is not said.

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“The accusation of breastfeeding in Roanne gives me a lot of hate. In ‘Marigella’ I didn’t use a real Roanne stat. I also didn’t use audiovisual law, because there was no company that wanted to raise money. It’s a production created with sector funding and money from Globo. Filmes (co-producer). I didn’t get a penny for this work. On the contrary. I just spent it. And that’s not a problem either, because it’s a movie I love.”

According to the actor, “the most striking, and perhaps the most important, scene that characterizes the film is the opening sequence, on the train.” “The scene shows very well the way we filmed, always in sequence, with the power flowing, stopping as little as possible to position the camera. It was a really challenging and amazing scene, we had to back up the train at night. Technical and electrical teams were involved. This scene shouldn’t be the opening The movie, it’s even going to happen later, but in the editing I decided to make it first.”

“It’s not a movie to watch with your laptop on your stomach, it’s cinema. A lot happens, it takes doses of focus.”

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