December 7, 2023

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Carla Zampelli ordered to pay R$20,000 in compensation for moral damages to the author of "Milla" for filming a video with Netinho |  a musician

Carla Zampelli ordered to pay R$20,000 in compensation for moral damages to the author of “Milla” for filming a video with Netinho | a musician

Federal Rep. Carla Zampelli (PL-SP) was Ordered to pay 20 thousand Brazilian reais in moral compensation to Manu Joyce, author of the song “Mila”. She was also sentenced for damages to the property of music publisher Malu Edições, but this compensation amount will still be calculated by the court.

It all started a year ago, when he filmed Deputy Netinho singing “Mila” in a pro-Bolsonaro act, on May 1, 2021 and posted it on YouTube. The song’s co-author, Manno Góes, No political use of the song is authorized The deputy was informed. You did not remove the video and sued her.

Karla Zampelli can appeal the ruling of Judge Erico Rodriguez Vieira, of the Third Civil Court of Salvador (BA). The g 1 I contacted the MP and her press office, but they did not receive a response until the last update of this text.

How did “Mila” from Sun Island get to justice?

Manno Góes asked the judge on May 7, 2021:

  • Another 100,000 Brazilian Reals as compensation for moral damages for using the composer’s music “With obligatory attachment to the ideology and political personality of the defendant (Carla Zambelli) without having the opportunity to express an opinion or deny the use of its composition.”
  • R$100,000 to the publisher for material damages for using music without permission.
  • Immediate removal of the video with the song from YouTube, with a fine of R$5,000 per day.

Carla Zampelli Video streaming stopped on May 11 onlyAfter the judge agrees to impose a A daily fine of 5,000 Brazilian riyals If he stays on YouTube.

“There is no way to accept the argument that (…) the video was for a purely informational purpose, since it is a record of an event intended to show support for the political figure, in this case, the current President of the Republic, and to advocate for agendas such as adopting the printed vote and undertaking military intervention”, It came in a sentence.

“Recognizing the undeniably political content of the video produced by the parliamentarian, the freedom of the author to not want to associate his composition – and thus his image – with the ideals he defends in it, given the apparent difference between them and their ideological beliefs”, says the judge.

Seeing the stars falling and calling for military intervention

The demonstration started in the morning. It only ended in the early evening and there were requests for military intervention. On top of the trio, in front of the audience clips like We authorize you, Chief.Netinho sang the chorus of the song made famous in the 1990s with his voice:

“O Mila, a thousand and one nights of love with you / On the beach, on the boat, at the lighthouse … There in Hollywood, everything is rolling in / Seeing the stars fall, watching the night go by.”

Manu Joyce is not authorized.

On May 2, 2021, Manu asked Carla Zampelli to remove the video. “I can’t stop anyone from singing my song. The author has no right to prevent linking this song to a form of publication that he does not agree to.said the composer to st 1.

The deputy said to g 1 On May 3 she said she was reviewing the notice with her lawyer and “considering” the case due to the post she classifies as “unfashionable” on Twitter. “Thinking twice about removing this video and honestly thinking, in the quotes, “Go to your dick”. The deputy said to g 1. Netinho declined to comment on the case.

Prior to the action, Manu Joyce had notified the extrajudicial attorney and requested that the video be removed. She complained that the author described Netinho as “weak-minded” on Twitter and told the g 1: “Maybe I will not respond to his request and wait until he sue me in court.” He submitted and received a positive decision.

Manu Joyce said, “The deputy complied with the court order to remove the video from her official YouTube channel. However, a serious copyright infringement occurred. Moral and property damages were present and must be compensated,” said Manu Joyce, g 1 On May 12th.

Manno Góes was once part of the band Jammil and is the author of several hit songs, such as “Praieiro”, “Acabou” and “Milla”, composed in partnership with Tuca Fernandes and recorded by Netinho in 1996. He says he doesn’t. I don’t want to stop Netinho from singing the song in his career.

“It’s not censorship. (Netinho) doesn’t stop him from doing shows and playing music for his fans. What he can’t do is use a work for a political purpose. So, permission is needed,” says Manno’s attorney, Rodrigo Moraes, professor of copyright law at UFBA Law School.

“What MP Carla Zambelli does is unfortunate: a person, even if notified, continues on the video. A Member of Parliament is the first to tear up the copyright law,” says the lawyer.

Carla Zambelli said on May 3 that she was considering keeping the video on the air, and criticized the use of the term “weak-minded”. “No one is treated this way. I do not treat my enemies this way. So I will probably not respond to his request and wait until he sue me in court. Then we will see how to solve it,” deputy.

Before Zampele commented on the issue, Manu Joss wrote on Twitter: “I understand and apologize to everyone for using the word ‘poor-minded’ to refer to the fraudulent singer. I thank everyone who caught my attention, even supporting my anger. Learn and improve as a person. That’s what I want for myself: learning. development and reform.

See below an archival video in which Manno Góes explained Milla’s composition for Fantástico:

The composer of ‘Milla’ reveals whether the song’s character really exists or not