June 21, 2024

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Myra Cardi was blown away after saying she played Luisa Sonza

Myra Cardi was blown away after saying she played Luisa Sonza

Mato Grosso, Tuesday 17 May, before Marie Pires From the Diario Prime website – name Mira Cardi Once again, it was among the most talked about topics on Twitter. the reason? It was because the influencer published the information that Luisa Sonza lost weight when she was still a teenager. “Guys, this is old, old! Louisa came to me as a girl, at the time when there was still something to lose, in 2015 I made Louisa.”

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However, netizens did not like the famous statement at all and decided to blow up Maíra Cardi on Instagram. Check out some comments from social media. “I” did “my love that made her God help her lose weight, she just had its advantages..wow, what a laziness of people like this”One Internet user said.

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But how did you do that? Like, how did you think they wouldn’t find out when they’re both famous? !! Hahahha,” another commented about the procedure by Luísa Sonza.

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Myra Cardi discovers Arthur Aguiar’s secret

Mato Grosso, Monday, May 16, by Marie Pires from the site Prime Journal – Mira Cardi was among the most talked about topics on social media after she became desperate because of Arthur Agyar. The slimming muse finds chocolate and cookies hidden in her husband’s wardrobe and asks Jesus for help!

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“Dear Jesus, I’ve discovered some things Arthur is hiding from me. Dear Jesus, look at this, look at what he’s eating. Beloved Jesus is inside the wardrobe. Help my lord. She said when showing Arthur Aguiar’s hiding place and the products he keeps. It’s worth remembering that the actor was nicknamed the Little Cake at BBB 22 for eating so much bread. Additionally, Arthur Aguiar fans named The Bakery after the reality show.