June 23, 2024

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Carol Konka sang in Madureira

Carol Konka returns to the stage two years later, remembers the cancellation he suffered and celebrates: ‘I was never alone’

The time of Karol Konka’s cancellation, after his participation in “BBB 21”, turned out to be a page turned. The artist continues her artistic career and returned to the stage to sing after a period of two years without performing for the public. The submission took place in Madurera, in the northern region of Rio, and there the artist was received with great interest. About the experience, Konka commented, “She was never alone,” even “after the fall,” referring to the period after her exit from the reality show.

“I got on stage two years later without feeling the audience energy in a show. I was touched at all times. When I was singing, I remembered everything that had happened that year and I was only grateful for being with my character, for being alive and resisting, for being able to Singing about my experiences, seeing the faces of everyone who sings with me,” she began, thinking her, sharing it on her profile.

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Konka continues, “This show is proof that I’ve never been alone and that life after a fall is more fulfilling and full of learning when we allow ourselves to.”

The artist also mentioned that she always hears from fans that her art saved her life. However, the singer made sure to reciprocate that what jumped out was the passion and admiration of the fans.

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“Thank you so much for all the love you’ve given me, thank you so much for holding my hand and encouraging me to continue. I will remain resolute, strong and so happy to have you with me.”

Carol Konka performed in Madurera, Photo: clone – Instagram
Carol Konka
Karol Conká Photo: clone – Instagram

Carol Konka returns to the stages in Rio
Carol Konka returns to the stage at Rio Photo: clone – Instagram