June 21, 2024

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The date of the premiere of the novel, starring Larissa Manuela - Prisma

The date of the premiere of the novel, starring Larissa Manuela – Prisma

Globo has scheduled the February 7 premiere of “Além da Illusion,” the upcoming six-packed television series, starring Larissa Manuela. Created and written by Alessandra Poggi, the plot brings together Adriana Chevalier, Letícia Mey, Flávio Marinho, and Rita Lemgruber into a team of collaborators. The script, in 167 chapters, artistically directed by Luiz Henrique Rios.

The first works took place in Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais, and nearly 132 hours of video were recorded at this location.

In the story, as an alternative to “Nos Tempos do Imperador,” audiences will follow Larissa Manoela’s debut as the star of a TV series on Globo, two characters living at different times, and the journey of a scammer Davi (Rafael Vitti) convicted of a crime he didn’t commit.

After 10 years in prison and unhappy with injustice, the magician uses his tricks to escape. His only goal is to prove his innocence and re-establish the truth of the facts.
Production, divided into two phases, spans ten years, jumping from 1934 to 1944.

The cast also includes Marcelo Novaes, Lima Duarte, Paloma Duarte, Paolo Petit, Antonio Calloni, Malo Galli, Danilo Mesquita, Marcos Breda, Olivia Araujo, Emiliano Queiroz, Claudio Gaborandi, Leticia Pedro, Patricia Pinho, among others.

work for men

SBT is promoting a major renovation of Studio 10, near the scenic city for children’s series. This is internally and externally.

In addition to the drama, the space will be available for reality shows.


Persona on TV Cultura, which will air on Sundays at 9pm, will resume its personal recordings in 2022.

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Leading Attilio Barry and Chris Maqsoud.


“Cana Comigo Ten”, led by Rodrigo Farrow and Tician Pinheiro, will split its ending into two parts.

One airs today and the other next Sunday.


The coverage of the 2022 elections by Jovem Pan will feature full integration of its vehicles.

Promise daily monitoring by TV, radio, digital platforms and Panflix.

good luck

Gabriel Leon, one of the highlights of “Mother of Lugar au Sol”, has nothing to complain about the so-called “employment contract”. Free from exclusivity, it never stops working, whether on TVs or streaming.

Recently, a series appeared on TV Cultura about the bicentennial of independence.


In addition to Formula Indy, TV Cultura also includes among its priorities in the network the European League, the second largest football tournament in Europe.

Desire to continue the event for many years to come.

an average

Julia Guerra began co-recording with “Reis,” a new book production by Record that debuted in 2022.

The actress was also part of the cast of “Genesis”, as well as works on Globo, such as “The days were like this” and “God save the king.”

turn the key

Jose Loreto faces Tadeu, in the recordings of the remake of “Pantanal”, as a great opportunity to flip the switch. Erase the bad impression he left on “The Seventh Guardian”.

Like other artists, he returned to Globo via a contract to work.

Radio Runner

In the lanes of Globo in Rio de Janeiro, there are those who guarantee that new changes can be announced between January and February.

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Press appears at the top of the list of bets.


Text by Walter Quaglia, one of the most famous authors of childhood and youth of the 60s and 70s, directed by his daughter.

Director Geraldine Quaglia presents a new stage performance of “O Gigante”, 50 years after the first production by Cleyde Yáconis. The show has one session this Monday at Teatro Di, in Itime Bibi, in SP.


Gabe Petri is part of the “Passaporte para Liberdade,” which debuted on Globo TV on Monday – playing Jewish singer Vivi Landau Krueger. Gabe moved to the United States in 1999 and stayed there for nearly five years, graduating in Musical Theatre.

He has many shows in his curriculum, Faustão Band, serials on SBT and has become a celebrity in Iran, having acted in the comedies “Texas” 1 and 2.


Mariana Becker has just gone on vacation, after a very successful Formula 1 season in the squad.

Returning to Brazil, the journalist is preparing to launch her first book: a collection of personal facts about her life.


Nativa FM continues to expand and reaches the cities of São Carlos (FM 88.9), in the interior of São Paulo, and Puerto Seguro (FM 101.9), in Bahia, on Mondays and Wednesdays, respectively.

The first shows take place at 6 pm during the program “Arena Nativa”, presented by Paulo Eugênio.

hit rebound

• Anitta and Deborah Secco co-signed “To Tell The Truth”, a new photo of “Domingão com Huck”, for 2022.

• Silvia Massari, Nargara Torreta, Roberto Fruta, Daniel Barcellos, Fernando Riski and Dalton Lisboa were cast in the comedy show “Circumcision in New York” …

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• … Produced by Guilherme DelRio and directed by Jacques Lagoa, its premiere in Rio is scheduled for March.

• “In the Times of the Emperor” will end on February 4, with a total of 155 chapters.

• Grazi Massafera is negotiating with HBO Max, but has also been heavily singled out by other companies…

• …certainty is that the actress will have one of the busiest 2022.

• This Tuesday, at 9:30 pm, Viva will be showing the unprecedented special “As Novelas Que Amos”…

• … The 60-minute show will reveal the plots in the top ten.

• The New Year’s Party “MasterChef”, on the 28th, at 10:30 pm, guests will be: Dudu Nobre, Cafu, Paula Fernandez, Gustavo Miuto, Duda and Leda Nagel, Ronnie and Leo Vaughn, among others.