July 20, 2024

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Ceará receives 59 professionals from Médicos Pelo Brasil;  See ranking by state – country

Ceará receives 59 professionals from Médicos Pelo Brasil; See ranking by state – country

More than 500 specialists were called in the first phase of the program Doctors all over Brazil, alternative to Mais Médicos, on Monday (18). The recruitment was announced during a ceremony held at the Palacio de Planalto in Brasilia.

They have been summoned 529 professionalsbetween doctors and teachers, which will be distributed in 24 states. According to the information received from Brazil AgencyIn total, about 1,700 specialists will be called up by the end of April. Other calls will, for the most part, be still during 2022.

“The specialists in the program are all doctors, with diplomas issued by Brazilian educational institutions, with a course duly recognized by the Ministry of Education, and doctors trained in foreign institutions with a diploma re-certified in Brazil, with Revalida,” the Primary Education Secretary told Healthcare, Rafael Camara.

Initially, the Ministry of Health offered 5,000 vacant jobs to municipalities, with the final confirmation of 4,652 jobs by local administrations, of which 595 are for medical instructors and 4,057 for colleagues.

See ranking by state

  • AC: 1
  • AL: 12
  • AM: 4
  • Bachelor: 68
  • EC: 59
  • ES: 7
  • Go: 25
  • Master: 15
  • MG: 48
  • MS: 3
  • MT: 5
  • AP: 7
  • Battle Power: 26
  • PE: 34
  • IP: 18
  • PR: 30
  • Royal Jordanian: 19
  • Rn: 17
  • RO: 7
  • RS: 33
  • SC: 30
  • if: 13
  • B: 41
  • To: 7
  • Grand total: 529

According to the ministry, the positioning of programs was regulated by the classification of Brazilian municipalities by priority. The basic criteria are the geographical classification established by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) and the percentage of the population at risk.

Doctors all over Brazil

One of the main innovations of Médicos pelo Brasil is the recruitment of professionals under the consolidation of labor laws (CLT). Until then, contracts were temporary for up to three years.

Those accredited in the program will be allocated to health units pre-determined by the ministry and will have two years to complete the specialization course in family and community medicine.

The value of the training scholarship will be 12 thousand Brazilian riyals per month And an additional bonus of R$3,000 for rural and remote areas or an additional R$6,000 for indigenous areas. The Doctors for Brazil program was created in 2019 with the aim of structuring the federal medical profession for places where it is difficult to establish professionals and those with severe social vulnerabilities.

The program has gradually replaced its previous version, Mais Médicos, and will be managed by the Agency for the Development of Primary Health Care (Adaps), also established by the new program law.

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