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Check out what happened at BBB 22 TV News

Check out what happened at BBB 22 TV News

Another party was held BBB 22 At the beginning of the night of Saturday (26) to the dawn of Sunday (27). Gustavo Marcingo took advantage of the song and accused Arthur Aguiar of playing for the comfort of his allies. The Eslovênia Marques showed that they had not yet defeated Paulo André Camilo’s candidacy for punishment, and Natalia Deodato was at odds with Eliezer Netto and Linn da Quebrada.

The night started with a surprise: visiting dancers dressed as robots, who moved the Brothers and Sisters party. Lin da Quebrada gets excited about a visitor And they called, “Call me abroad.”

In another corner of the house, Eslô spoke to Lucas Bissoli About Paulo Andre’s decision to punish the Beast. The sister complained: “He wanted to cause.” The medical student agreed to “seal.” “Make a good move for him,” Eslo continued.

The participant also confirmed that she was not upset by the fact that she received the punishment, but by the speech used by Arthur’s ally: “I do not judge the act, I judge how it happened. He played where Slovenia woke up .. I was very angry, I was very angry, but I I don’t want to look him in the face.”

The fourth member of Lollipop added, “If someone had a feud with us, but he didn’t.” It’s still a shadow,” Lucas said.


another time in the morning, Gustavo spoke to Douglas Silva about Arthur’s behavior After the actor is afraid Because their allies withdrew from the trial of the leader.

“He has situations that I get sometimes…” the artist complained. “These are the situations that make me put him last [posição]. Just like today, the little boy gets angry and distributes broken hearts and then [o Paulo André Camilo] Angel wins Are the headaches over? Consider it in the ass,” the Bebuca team member complained.

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“I said this to [Pedro] Scooby. How comfortable is it? “Continued DG.” It always was, man. He forgot that Lucas dumped him last week [ficar com a liderança], huh? It’s too individualistic, you can’t be that,” the investor cautioned.

Gustavo concluded, “When you had a stand with Lina, I knew it could be a straight line. I think she won’t nominate you this week.”


Eliezer was alarmed when she found out, in conversation with Lynn, that Natalia had raised the possibility of him passing on information about her and her allies’ game to other confined people.

“So, you think that about me. You think I’ll open the door. It’s okay, it’s cool. You don’t want to talk to me, and I don’t want to talk to you. Great,” complained the businessman. Lynn guessed: “Ellie, you don’t need this.”

Eli replied, “If you think I’ll open it up to you, that’s great! I’ve never opened the game to anyone here! I’ve never opened the game to anyone here, Lena!”.

Outside the house, Natalia told DG about the situation and said she was jealous of the businessman’s relationship with Linn da Quebrada. She also confirmed once again that she feels left out by the singer and Giseilan. Instead of Ellie saying, ‘Nati, what really happened? “Keep on believing what people say,” the model said.

Minutes later, in an argument with Giseilan, Natalia states that she is leaving the commander’s room because of Lin’s gossip. “I don’t think it’s cool. I feel hurt. That’s what I think. I didn’t think it was cool, I won’t talk to her, I’m angry. I don’t want to look at her face anymore, she’s revealed to me again, I don’t want to talk to her,” added Nati.

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