June 21, 2024

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Former BBBs participate in the Leader's Exam

Former BBBs participate in the Leader’s Exam

The Leader test today from “BBB 22″ (TV Globo) had the special participation of two characters already well known by the audience: Talula, from “BBB 11”, and Γ‚ngela, from “BBB 14”.

The two former BBB’s have appeared as a poster girl in hair dye packaging for the brand that nurtured the dynamics of the night. Check it out below:

BBB: Talula from BBB 11 participates in the Leader’s Exam

Photo: Reproduction / Globoplay

BBB 22: Angela, from 'BBB 14' in The Leader's Competition - Clone / Globoplay - Clone / Globoplay

BBB 22: Angela, from BBB 14 in the Leader’s Test

Photo: Reproduction / Globoplay

Viewers who noticed the presence of the ex-sisters commented on their curiosity on social media:

How was the test leader?

After the tie, the participants put themselves on the bases and Tadeu Schmidt asked each player to pick up four cards and move them to the bench. From then on, they needed to find, on the board, the packs that match the cards they chose.

Dynamic Luck and Memory Douglas won R$10,000 and became the 13th captain of “BBB 22”. For the VIPs, the actor chose Gustavo, Pedro Scobe and Arthur Aguiar.

After the fake wall, who is the most hated participant in “BBB 22”?


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